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🚪Single page theme for links to your works
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Hugo Theme Doors

Single page theme for links to your works.
See a real usage here:

PC view

Doors screenshot

Mobile view


  • Links to your works
  • Responsive
  • SNS button
  • Google Analytics
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) supported

Getting started

The example of how to use this theme is provided in the exampleSite folder. At first, try running the example site. The contents of the site can be configured by config.toml. After the example site appears, rewrite config.toml with your own data to make your own site.

Run example site

  1. Install Hugo.
  2. Create a new project folder to running the example site.
    $ mkdir mySite
  3. Install this theme into your project folder.
    $ cd mySite
    $ git clone themes/hugo-theme-doors
  4. Copy the entire contents of the exampleSite to root folder of your project folder.
    $ cp -r themes/hugo-theme-doors/exampleSite/* .
  5. Test the example site.
    $ hugo server -w
    See the result at http://localhost:1313/ on your browser.
  6. Build the example site.
    $ hugo
    Find result files in the public folder in the root of your project folder.
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