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This library is powered by Entity Framework Extensions

Entity Framework Extensions

What's GraphDiff?

GraphDiff is a DbContext extension methods for Entity Framework Code First, that allow you to save an entire detached Model/Entity, with child Entities and Lists, to the database without writing the code to do it.

This version is for EF6+. If you would like to use the project on EF(4.3,5.0) see this branch

Please see the initial post @ for more information.


  • Merge an entire graph of detached entities to the database using DbContext.UpdateGraph();
  • Ensures concurrency is maintained for all child entities in the graph
  • Allows for different configuration mappings to ensure that only changes within the defined graph are persisted
  • Comprehensive testing suite to cover many (un/)common scenarios.

Proposed Features

  • Fluent API style mapping of aggregates on bootstrapping
  • Retrieve an aggregate from the database without specifying include expressions
  • Define the aggregate using attributes on the models
  • Allow for the initial db query to be performed as multiple queries where needed (too many includes, etc)

Release Notes


  • Rewrite of graph traversal code and rewrite of tests to cover more scenarios.
  • multiple bug fixes

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GraphDiff is a library that allows the automatic update of a detached graph using Entity Framework code first.