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πŸ• A little programming language written in Rust
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πŸ• Ein

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Ein is a simple, dynamically-typed programming language, inspired by Rust (in which the interpreter is written), Lua and Wren.


Extremely, extremely work-in-progress - I'm developing this project following the exercises in Bob Nystrom's wonderful Crafting Interpreters book. Hopefully something interesting and/or vaguely usable will come out of it!


fn sayHello(name) {
    return "Hello, " + name + "!";

let greeting = sayHello("Ein");


The above syntax is subject to change - I'll try to keep it in sync with the latest version of the code!

Project Structure

This project is made up of several Rust crates:

Crate Description
ein The top level crate, containing a command line interface and REPL.
ein_syntax Contains a hand-written lexer and LALRPOP-generated parser for the language's syntax.
ein_vm A stack-based virtual machine. Incomplete, but can run some basic expressions.
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