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Welcome! This wiki is home to the Crime Data Explorer’s design and planning documentation.


18F is partnering with the FBI to develop a tool that allows law enforcement agencies and the general public to explore and access U.S. crime data. As part of this effort, we’re interviewing people who have experience working with Uniform Crime Reporting data, developing prototypes, and testing our assumptions in usability sessions.


The Crime Data Explorer (CDE) makes Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) data more accessible to law enforcement and the general public. It does this by providing high-level visualizations that inform and orient users to the data available, while making more granular details available via downloadable datasets and an application program interface (API).

The CDE was designed and built to meet a wide range of users needs whose experience with crime data ranges from novice to expert. Examples of novice users are members of the general public with limited experience looking at and interpreting crime data and are most interested in high-level trends and crime in their area. Expert users range from academics to reporters to data scientists access granular data to answer their questions.

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