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Bootcamp Python

One week to learn Python for Machine Learning 🚀

Table of Contents

This project is a Python programming and Machine Learning bootcamp created by 42 AI.

No prior Python programming or Machine Learning experience is required! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to come and learn some of the essential knowledge for Machine Learning, Data Science and statistics, in a single week. You will start with the basics of the Python language and then get acquainted with some libraries that are invaluable to any programmer interested in the field of AI or data science.

42 Artificial Intelligence is a student organization of the Paris campus of the school 42. Our purpose is to foster discussion, learning, and interest in the field of artificial intelligence, by organizing various activities such as lectures and workshops.


The pdf files of each module can be downloaded from our realease page:


Module00 - Basics 1 - Eleven Commandments

Let's get started with the Python language! 🐍

Basic setup, variables, types, functions, ...

Module01 - Basics 2

Get acquainted with object-oriented programming and much more.

Objects, cast, inheritance, built-in functions, generator, construtors, iterator, ...

Module02 - Basics 3

Continue practicing with more advanced Python programming exercises.

Decorators, multiprocessing, lambda, build package, ...

Module03 - Numpy

Learn how to use the Numpy library, manipulate multidimensional arrays and perform complex mathematical operations on matrices!

Numpy array, slicing, stacking, dimensions, broadcasting, normalization, etc...

Module04 - Pandas

Time to use a Python library that will allow you to manipulate dataframes.

Pandas! And Bamboos! 🐼




Thanks to Ilyes and Kévin for the PR