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Rune Mods

Runes are Sorcery exclusive Weapon, Armor and Tool mods that grant transcendent power to its user. Most Runes will only empower Sorcerer Armor and Spellcasts. Affixing Runes to Armor and Spellcasts is extremely powerful but cannot be performed by the mundane.

Spirit Burden

Wielding the power of Runes comes at a cost known as Spirit Burden. This penalty can be reduced, and even negated, through Rune Mastery and by equipping Spirit Boon Runes to offset the penalty.

Rune Mastery

Unravel the secrets of runes to invoke and harness their transcendent power. Mastering Runes teaches you how to decipher the very runewords themselves, tremendously reducing the burden of harnessing their power.

Rune Crafting

Certain Runes can be crafted at a Conjure. The Conjure you wish to craft Runes at must possess a Hammer Augment to perform this feat. You can unlock additional Rune recipes through Rune Mastery... and other means.