to track your pomodoro session from the shell, and play a sound, show notification after pomodoro finished
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LICENSE.MIT to track your pomodoro session and play a sound, shownotification after pomodoro finished In that case send a USR1 signal to the process if you want to see the elapsed time

The script will update you slack status if slack token set You can set slack token by setting the SLACK_TOKEN env var Or put the token into a gpg encrypted file to $HOME/.secret/slack_token.gpg You can override that path by setting the SLACK_TOKEN_FILE_PATH env var


  • -m minutes Duration of the pomodoro session in minutes (see $DEFAULT_MINUTES in the source for default value)
  • -a alarm_sound_file played after pomodoro finished (see $DEFAULT_SOUND in the source for default value)
  • -q Don't show elapsed time
  • -n feature Turn off feature. Available values:
  • -h Show help


Send an USR1 to print elapsed time (useful if -q is used)

Environment variables

Some of the parameters can be configured with environment variables:

  • POMODORO_MINUTES Same as -m option. Duration of the pomodoro session in minutes
  • POMODORO_SOUND Same as -a option. Sound file played after pomodoro finished
  • POMODORO_SLACK_TOKEN_FILE_PATH Path to a gpg encrypted file which content is your slack token
  • POMODORO_SLACK_EMOJI An emoji as text which should be shown when you are doing in a pomodoro session
  • POMODORO_SLACK_STATUS_TEXT Status message shown during pomodoro session


  • aplay to play sound after pomodoro finished
  • date for time related functions
  • gpg if you store your slack token in gpg encrypted file
  • curl to call slack api
  • jq for slack related functions: