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AlmaLinux OS

Open Source and community-driven 1:1 binary compatible fork of RHEL® built by lovers of linux.

We are AlmaLinux

AlmaLinux OS is replacing CentOS as the downstream rebuild of RedHat Enterprise Linux.

A healthy community is required for any open source project, and we are working on expanding ours. We will be sharing our infrastructure, event, and other outreach and improvement plans on the AlmaLinux OS blog soon!

If you want to contribute to AlmaLinux, there are tons of ways to do so! We need help with everything from website updates to marketing and event staffing, to infrastructure automation (in Infra team even has a list of things they're working on in the wiki).


  1. EL to AlmaLinux migration tool.

    Shell 475 65

  2. mirrors Public

    The AlmaLinux project mirrors configuration and tools.

    Python 69 311

  3. wiki Public

    The AlmaLinux project documentation.

    Shell 79 42

  4. Packer templates and other tools for building AlmaLinux images for various cloud platforms.

    HCL 109 32

  5. AlmaLinux Raspberry Pi

    93 13

  6. Home for AlmaLinux Docker image RootFS files and production version of sources

    Shell 71 23