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Visual Studio Code ~ SQF Language plugin
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SQF Language

This extension integrates the SQF Language into Visual Studio Code. For more information please visit the wiki.

Supported Products

  • Operation Flashpoint [OFP & OFP Resistance]
  • Take On Helicopters [ToH]
    • Enable/Disable commands from ToH via "sqf.enableTOH". Default: disabled
    • Wiki: ToH Commands
  • Armed Assault [ArmA]
    • Enable/Disable commands from ArmA via "sqf.enableARMA". Default: enabled (needed for all futher ArmA versions)
    • Wiki: ArmA Commands
  • Armed Assault 2 & Operation Arrowhead [ArmA 2 & ArmA 2: OA]
  • Armed Assault 3 [ArmA 3]
    • Enable/Disable commands from ArmA 3 via "sqf.enableARMA3". Default: enabled (needed for all futher ArmA versions)
    • Wiki: ArmA 3 Commands
  • Community Based Addons [CBA]
    • Enable/Disable commands from CBA via "sqf.enableCBA". Default: disabled
    • Wiki: CBA GitHub
    • Contributors: bux
  • ACE 3 [CBA]
    • Enable/Disable commands from ACE3 via "sqf.enableACE3". Default: disabled
    • Wiki: ACE3
    • Contributors: bux

Manual Installation

Use this guide if the installation over the marketplace isn't possible.

  • Download VS Code & the

  • Install Visual Studio Code.

  • Navigate to your VS Code extensions folder.

    • Windows: %USERPROFILE%/.vscode/extensions.
    • Mac/Linux: $HOME/.vscode/extensions.
  • In the extensions folder, you create a folder called Armitxes.SQF.

  • Extract the inside the Armitxes.SQF folder.

Links & Downloads

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