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⚙️ ArminC's settings for uBlock₀ - remove most of the ads, pop-ups and trackers.
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ArminC uBlock Settings

A high-quality uBlock₀ config built for everyone.

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ArminC uBlock Settings is a configuration file for uBlock Origin which consists of several high-quality cherry-picked filters that aim to block ads, pop-ups, trackers, malicious addresses and decreases the number of loaded elements, thus loading the pages faster.


Downloading and installing steps:


When a new version is out, you have two methods to update:

1. You have edited the settings based on your preference:
  • Check the new commits and update the settings manually by relying on the commits.
2. You haven't edited the settings (or at least not so much):
  • Delete everything (or make sure to replace the files when it asks).
  • Redo the installation steps.
  • After setup, change your preference settings back (if it is the case).

The settings are updated (at a random time), so make sure you come back here to check for updates.


🔰 ArminC uBlock₀ Settings ◾ Default uBlock₀ settings
Block most of the ads ✔️
Block most of the pop-ups ✔️
Block most of the trackers ✔️
Block most of the annoyances ✔️
Block coin miners ✔️
Block +18 ✔️
Block malware ✔️



Source Author Block Location
uBlock Filters (uAssets) Raymond Hill Adblock, ad-reinsertion, popups/popunders, site breakage and video ads. LINK
Adblock Warning Removal List Ryanbr Obtrusive messages and warnings targeted to users who use an adblocker. LINK
Adguard Base AdGuard Team Advertising networks. LINK
AdGuard Tracking Protection AdGuard Team Online counters and web analytics tools. LINK
EasyPrivacy Ryanbr, Monzta, Famlam and Khrin Web bugs, tracking scripts and information collectors. LINK
Fanboy's Enhanced Tracking List Ryanbr Common tracking scripts. LINK
Malware Domains RiskAnalytics Domains that are known to be used to propagate malware. LINK
Spam404 Cameron Dawe Online scams. LINK
AdGuard Annoyances filter AdGuard Team Cookie notices, third-party widgets and in-page pop-ups. LINK
Fanboy's Cookie List Ryanbr Cookie and privacy warnings. LINK
MVPS HOSTS Mike Parasites, hijackers and unwanted adware/spyware programs. LINK


Source Author Block Location
Malware Domains Immortal RiskAnalytics Domains that are known to be used to propagate malware. LINK
Better Unethical web sites. LINK
OpenPhish Phishing Feed OpenPhish Community Phishing sites. LINK
add.Risk FadeMind Websites with risk content and malwares. LINK
add.Spam FadeMind Spam websites. LINK
Steven Black's ad-hoc list Steven Black Additional sketch domains. LINK
Adblock Plus Anti-Circumvention - English Monzta, Sashachu, Mile-ne and Wizmak Circumvention ads. LINK
Porn Blocklist Light Chad Mayfield Porn sites that appear on Alex Top 1M site list. LINK
Badd Boyz Hosts Mitchell Krog Spyware, adware, malware, click-jacking, porn sites and reduces bandwidth use. LINK
SomeoneWhoCares Dan Pollock Spyware, certain pop-up traps, user tracking, and most advertising. LINK
Toxic Domains StopForumSpam Community Domains used to abuse. LINK Suspicious Domain List - Low DandelionSprout Low Level Sensitivity website. LINK
Anti-'Notification pre-prompt banners' List DandelionSprout Browser notifications. LINK
I Don't Want to Download Your Browser DandelionSprout Browser upgrade notifications. LINK
Browse websites without logging in DandelionSprout Log-in notifications. LINK
Anti Yhonay domains. LINK
CoinBlockerLists ZeroDot1 Browser based miners. LINK
EasyList - Lite AdBlock Team Adverts from international webpages. LINK
Fuck Fuckadblock Bogachenko Vyacheslav Pop-ups and anti-adblock bypass. LINK
Hello, Goodbye! Bruce Roettgers Chat and sales widgets. LINK
Hexxium Creations Threat List Hexxium Malware, scams, phishing attempts and deceptive content. LINK
I don't care about cookies Daniel Kladnik Annoying cookie warnings. LINK
Lightswitch05's Ads & Tracking Daniel White Analytics, Ads, and tracking hosts. LINK
Lightswitch05's AMP Hosts Daniel White AMP pages. LINK
IpLoggerFilter Piperun Site/subsite whose only purpose is to log the IP. LINK
Web Annoyances Ultralist - CSS Style Modifying Filters Yourduskquibbles Site elements that block screen real estate. LINK
Web Annoyances Ultralist - Modal Overlay Filters Yourduskquibbles Interstitial modal overlay elements. LINK
Web Annoyances Ultralist - Newsletter Subscription Filters Yourduskquibbles Newsletter & other subscription cosmetic elements. LINK


Do you need some help? Check the articles from the wiki.


Got something interesting you'd like to share? Learn about contributing.


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Armin Chanchian Filters Authors


Reach out to me at one of the following places:


License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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