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The place where I, DandelionSprout, store my web filter lists for countless topics, including my Nordic adblock list. As simple as that, really.

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IMPORTANT NOTE FOR CHROMIUM-BROWSER USERS: My lists does not, can not, and will never ever support Manifest v3, due to its laughably short rule limit and the removal of -abp-has and -abp-contains. Issue reports for Manifest v3-based extension versions will not be accepted, and if you do submit one, you would be asked to use an alternate web browser or web browser version instead.

And just in case anyone thinks I'm not serious about it, I will no longer offer support to Safari ≥13 users (except when using AdGuard's paid version) since Safari has decided to do the exact same things that Chromium is planning to do.


Note for UXP browser users: Due to the Pale Moon community being protective of consistent abusive hate speech and grave insultments, I will no longer use Pale Moon, Basilisk or Borealis to test any entries or for anything else. PC browser entries that can't be reproduced by Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi or Tor Browser, will be delegated to uAssets instead.


This is the place where I, Imre Kristoffer Eilertsen, host my web filter lists for countless different topics, for use in adblock tools and the likes. GitHub was in mid-2017 by far the easiest way for laymen like me to store pure text files, which is a necessity to create subscribable lists.

This is a hobby project of mine, in which I work just as much on these lists and this repo as I feel like. But don't be fooled by the appearance, as these are nevertheless some lists that I've placed considerable energy and effort into, for the enjoyment of all of us.

For a basic overview of the lists in this repo, go to, click on the Maintainers button in the upper right, and choose Imre Kristoffer Eilertsen in the Maintainers dropdown menu. It proved to be too much work for me to maintain a GitHub spreadsheet for my lists, unfortunately. It is normally not recommended to subscribe to lists directly from this repo, as the mostly unsorted lists can be unsuitable for your tool(s), block things you may not have intended to block at all, or otherwise cause confusion in general if they aren't vetted properly before use on tech units.

However, if you were led here by extension teams or extension customer services, it was most likely due to Dandelion Sprout's Nordic Filters, my signature list for all up-to-date adblockers, whose userbase is very loosely estimated to measure in the low 6-digits.

If you have any problems, suggestions, or a desire to help, I allow both Issues and Pull requests reports about any such things for the time being. Don't be shy to ask/tell me. In particular, I have a wishlist of things that I wish for assistance from others with.

Jeg forsikrer dere også om at det såklart er fullt mulig å kontakte meg om adblock-listene på bokmål, nynorsk, dansk eller svensk, dersom dette er ønskelig for deg/dere. Man er ikke nødt til å bruke engelsk hele tiden.

alt text

The tools that I use:

Checker for redundant filter entries and for ABP syntaxes, made by Famlam. It does however not account for uBO-syntax-specific entries, nor for ABP syntaxes newer than 2017.
Recentmost tool I used to test IP server availability, made by Funilrys. (I previously used the Find dead, redirected and/or parked domains tool at this link to great effect, but it had a ludicrously long and hardcoded 120sec waiting time before it'd label domains as dead).
• To create direct addition links that can be linked to on GitHub, I don't use abp:subscribe in the URLs, but instead, which works the same way if the addition link has been correctly constructed.
• To easily create GitCDN links to the lists, in case anyone have list connection problems: GitHub GitCDN Button by mikhoul
• To find very similar domains for Hosts files, or to find all domains hosted by specific IP addresses (both IPv4 and IPv6): SecurityTrails
• To look for invalidly written entries according to Nano/uBO's syntax: Use Nano Adblocker, set logger to All, and resync the lists.
• To correctly sort IP addresses (which Sublime Text cannot do): Browserling IP Sort
• To correctly sort IP addresses, and also compress them into CIDRs: Tehnoblog IP Address Aggregator
• To find lists of the biggest newssites of most countries: DomainTyper
• To search with wildcards for domains, e.g. ads.*.no: SecurityTrails API Free

Ways one can use Sublime Text (made by Jon Skinner and Will Bond) to improve his/her filter lists:

• To sort filter entries in alphabetic order: F9 / Edit → Sort Lines
• To remove "www." from most entries: Ctrl+H / Find → Replace…
• To remove duplicates: Edit → Permute Lines → Unique
• To remove duplicates across files: Paste the content of the file that shall retain its filters on top, and paste the content of the file that shall delete its duplicates on bottom.
• To remove element-rule targets from adblock files, so that the rules' domains can be run through PyFunceble: Ctrl+H / Find → Replace, turn on RegEx, and then replace ##.* and #?#.* with nothing.

Special thanks to:

lassekongo83 for being a pretty solid expert on uBO's syntax, for helping heaps of people (Me included) with writing specific filters, and for having made several lists that I would look through to learn more about how to write filters.
THEtomaso for waterproofing parts of the Nordic list, and for several contributions to the same list.
• The contributor communities that surround uBlock Origin and Nano Adblocker in general (including okiehsch and gwarser among others), for generally being helpful, reasonably debating, and for providing various solutions and advices.
krystian3w for teaching me that using :style entries completely breaks a list and its entries in ABP.
okiehsch (individually) for taking the time to oversee the copying of entries (Mostly from Browse Websites Without Logging In) to uBlock Filters - Annoyances.
Andrey Meshkov for invaluable push-start assistance in creating the conversion script for Dandelion Sprouts nordiske filtre that eventually became a very important backbone in my adblocker activities.

If you've contributed to or helped me and you aren't on the above list, don't feel bad about it. I still give my regular thanks to you.

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