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A sophisticated and minimalist theme for Brackets and VSCode.


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Minimal Dark

A sophisticated and minimalist theme, perfectly balanced with carefully selected colors to please your eyes without disturbing your productivity.

Minimal Dark for VSCode marketplace version Minimal Dark for VSCode marketplace downloads Minimal Dark for Brackets version Minimal Dark for Brackets downloads

After 5 years Minimal Dark is back, now for VSCode! With an updated look and even better user experience, you can enjoy the same modern, minimalist aesthetic that garnered over 20k downloads in the previous version.



Additional information

Click here for additional information on the Brackets version.

What's new?

Click here to go to the Changelog.


This theme is still under development, so please check out the issues page on our github or contribute additional information if you encounter an issue yourself.


Minimal Dark for Brackets and Minimal Dark for VSCode are distributed under the GNU General Public License v3.0.