PHP Intermediate Syllabus 2015
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Intermediate PHP & MySQL

PHP MySQL Symfony

This course is designed for students with a fundamental understanding of programming. We will spend some time reviewing PHP basics for students who are familiar with another language. We move on to commonly used linguistic constructs, talk about the web, learn Object Oriented principles, apply some commonly used design patterns, write queries against a MySQL instance, configure apache and install Symfony. We will then spend the rest of the class working on an e-commerce project, which will ultimately become a part of our portfolio.

Module 1 - [PHP Basics](syllabus/01 PHP 📔

Module 2 - [Functions, Arrays & Strings](syllabus/02 Strings Functions 📔

Module 3 - [Web Programming](syllabus/03 Web 📔

Module 4 - [Object Oriented Programming](syllabus/04 Object Oriented 📔

Module 5 - [Design Patterns](syllabus/05 Design 📔

Module 6 - [MySQL Fundamentals](syllabus/06 MySQL

Module 7 - [Introduction to Symfony](syllabus/07 Introduction to

Module 8 - [ACAShop Capstone Project Kickoff](syllabus/08 ACAShop Capstone Project

Module 9 - [Composer](syllabus/09

Module 10 - [Namespaces](syllabus/10

Module 11 - [Environments and Configuration](syllabus/11 Environments and

Module 12 - [Service Container](syllabus/12 Service

Module 13 - In class coding and ACAShop project completion, AWS deploy, Student Q&A, the state of PHP and the job market

Required Software

Here are some applications you will need installed.

  • VirtualBox - Create and run a virtual development environment
  • Vagrant - Provision a virtual machine
  • ansible - Configure the VM
  • PHPStorm - State of the art PHP IDE (we will be providing everyone student licenses)
  • git - Version control system
  • SourceTree - Free git GUI client

Developer Environment

Virtual Machine

We have created a seperate repository that contains instructions on how to setup and configure your VM. Clone VirtualMachines and follow the instructions. Note: We will host workshops, prior to class, to help students setup their machines.


The Symfony Book - The Symfony bible, written and maintained by the core team


Instructor: Samir Patel

Phone: (512) 745-7846

Email: samir at austincodingacademy dot com

Office Hours: 30 minutes after class