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Windows Auto Dark Mode

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Switches between the dark and light theme of Windows at scheduled times.

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Screenshot showing Time-Page Tired of looking at dark content while the sun is shining brightly? But at night everything is suddenly too bright? Auto Dark Mode is the solution for you!

Android, iOS and MacOS already offer the possibility of changing the system design based on the time of the day. We're bringing this feature to Windows on a larger scale.

Auto Dark Mode helps you to be more productive. Because you shouldn't care about changing Windows settings several times a day. As soon as the sun goes down, we'll take care of your eyes.

Because a simple design change would be too boring, Auto Dark Mode is packed with useful functions. For example, we can also change your desktop wallpaper or run custom scripts.


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  • Compatible with Windows 10* and Windows 11.
  • Theme switch based on sunrise and sunset.
  • Desktop wallpaper switch.
  • Mouse cursor switch.
  • Accent color switch.
  • Office theme switch.
  • Windows .theme file switch.
  • Keyboard shortcuts.
  • Support for turning on/off accent color on the Taskbar and title bars.
  • Auto Dark Mode can enable the grayscale color filter of Windows.
  • Suitable for gamers: Doesn't switch while playing games to avoid stuttering.
  • Run custom scripts.
  • Postpone or delay the next switch as you like.
  • Automatic updates.
  • Lightweight with clean uninstall. No admin rights needed.

*Windows 10 versions 21H1 and older are considered legacy, not all features may work


Download from Microsoft Store

Click here to download Auto Dark Mode from the Microsoft Store

Download from GitHub

Click here to download the newest version of Auto Dark Mode!

Even more download options

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Via WinGet

Download Auto Dark Mode from WinGet.

winget install --id Armin2208.WindowsAutoNightMode

Via Chocolatey

Download Auto Dark Mode from Chocolatey (unofficial entry).

choco install auto-dark-mode

Via Scoop

Download Auto Dark Mode from Scoop (unofficial entry).

  • Via portable
scoop bucket add dorado
scoop install autodarkmode
  • Via non-portable
scoop bucket add nonportable
scoop install auto-dark-mode-np


Installation is pretty easy, as you only need to run the setup file provided as .exe. If you want to deploy Auto Dark Mode on multiple machines, you can use the argument /allusers /verysilent to skip the installer window.

Sometimes Windows or web browsers will show a security notice while downloading Auto Dark Mode. This is due to our lack of a developer license. You can ignore these messages.


We use Weblate's cool free Libre plan that supports open source software projects! You can find our project here:

Translation status

Alternatively, you can manually edit the translation files in AutoDarkModeLib/Properties/Resources.

More information

You still have open questions? Check out our wiki!