BAP python bindings
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BAP python bindings


Install python bindings with pip (after you have installed bap):

$ pip install bap

Alternatively you can just copy paste files into your project, or clone it with git-subtree.

Installing low-level bindings

An optional low-level interface, called [rpc] depends on the requests library and the bap-server package. To use it, you need to install them from pip and opam correspondigly:

$ pip install bap[rpc]
$ opam install bap-server

Installing development version

You can also install directly from github:

pip install git+git://


>>> import bap
>>> proj ='/bin/true')
>>> main = proj.program.subs.find('main')
>>> entry = main.blks[0]
>>> next = main.blks.find(entry.jmps[0].target.arg)

For more information, read builtin documentation, for example with ipython:

    >>> bap?

Using low-level interface

The low-level interface provides an access to disassembler and image loader. It uses RPC interface to make calls to the library. So make sure that you have installed requests and bap-server (see Installation section).

    >>> import bap
    >>> print '\n'.join(insn.asm for insn in bap.disasm("\x48\x83\xec\x08"))
        decl    %eax
        subl    $0x8, %esp

A more complex example:

    >>> img = bap.image('coreutils_O0_ls')
    >>> sym = img.get_symbol('main')
    >>> print '\n'.join(insn.asm for insn in bap.disasm(sym))
        push    {r11, lr}
        add     r11, sp, #0x4
        sub     sp, sp, #0xc8
        ... <snip> ...