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ACCESS-OM2 is a global coupled ocean - sea ice model being developed by COSIMA.

ACCESS-OM2 consists of the MOM 5.1 ocean model, CICE 5.1.2 sea ice model, and a file-based atmosphere called YATM coupled together using OASIS3-MCT v2.0. ACCESS-OM2 builds on the ACCESS-OM (Bi et al., 2013) and AusCOM (Roberts et al., 2007; Bi and Marsland, 2010) models originally developed at CSIRO.

ACCESS-OM2 comes with a number of standard configurations in the control directory. These include sea ice and ocean at a nominal 1.0, 0.25 and 0.1 degree horizontal grid spacing, forced by JRA55-do atmospheric reanalyses.

ACCESS-OM2 is being used for a growing number of research projects. A partial list of publications using the model is given here.


This respository contains many submodules, so you will need to clone it with the --recursive flag:

git clone --recursive

To update a previous clone of this repository to the latest version, you will need to do

git pull

followed by

git submodule update --init --recursive

to update all the submodules.

Where to find information

The v1.0 model code, configurations and performance were described in Kiss et al. (2020), with further details in the draft ACCESS-OM2 technical report. The current code and configurations differ from v1.0 in a number of ways (biogeochemistry, updated forcing, improvements and bug fixes), as described by Solodoch et al. (2022), Hayashida et al. (2023), Menviel et al. (2023) and Wang et al. (2023).

Model output can be accessed by NCI users via the COSIMA Cookbook.

For information on downloading, building and running the model, see the ACCESS-OM2 wiki.

NOTE: All ACCESS-OM2 model components and configurations are undergoing continual improvement. We strongly recommend that you "watch" this repo (see button at top of screen; ask to be notified of all conversations) and also watch all the component models, whichever configuration(s) you are using, and payu to be kept informed of updates, problems and bug fixes as they arise.

Requests for help and other issues associated with the model, tools or configurations can be registered as ACCESS-OM2 issues.

Conditions of use

We request that users of this or other ACCESS-OM2 model code:

  1. consider citing Kiss et al. (2020) (, and also the other papers above detailing more recent improvements to the model

  2. include an acknowledgement such as the following:

    The authors thank the Consortium for Ocean-Sea Ice Modelling in Australia (COSIMA; for making the ACCESS-OM2 suite of models available at

  3. let us know of any publications which use these models or data so we can add them to our list.