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Mountain Group 105

You are a group of four weary travelers. You have been walking for so long that you no longer have any memory of where you came from or who you are. You cannot recall anything but the endless action of putting one foot in front of the other, traversing this empty landscape. Suddenly, you look up, startled out of your reverie. An imposing mountain looms before you. Your party steps forward, drawn to it for some inexplicable reason. You crane your neck to see if you can make out the peak, but the morning mist impedes your view. You all know you cannot go back to wherever you came from. You have to keep going. You have to climb the mountain. Maybe whatever waits for you up there will remind you of who you are… and what you’re searching for.

Quickstart Guide

This section contains instructions on how to download and run pre-compiled Jar distribution.

First, this project requires Java 17, so make sure that is installed.

Next, navigate to the latest GitHub release, then download and unzip the attached file.

Finally, navigate to the bin folder and run either course-project-group-105.bat (on Windows) or course-project-group-105.

Note: because JavaFX has native components, it is somewhat hit-or-miss whether the pre-compiled Jar will on a specific platform/operating system combination. It is only known to consistently work on Linux+amd64

If it does not work, try the instructions in the next section

Build (and Run) from Source

IntelliJ IDEA (IDE) Instructions

First download the source code by going to File > New > Project from Version Control..., set Version control: to Git, and the URL: to Then press Clone.

Next, if IntelliJ does not immediately recognize the fact this is a Gradle project (you can tell by the lack of a Gradle tab on any of the edges), navigate to the build.gradle file in the IDE. An icon with an elephant should appear, click it. There should now be a Gradle tab on one of the edges.

Finally, open the Gradle tab and navigate to course-project-group-105 > Tasks > application and double-click run.

Command-Line (CLI) Instructions

First, this project requires Java 17, so make sure that is installed.

Next clone the repository and switch to the directory which can be done by

git clone
cd course-project-group-105

Finally, this is a standard Gradle project, so to start the application simply run

gradlew.bat run

in the Windows CMD, or

./gradlew run

on any Unix-like operating system (or the built-in IntelliJ IDEA terminal).

Highlights (and extra hints for the TA)

  • Functionality
    • All twelve (12) of our original user stories are complete.
    • In addition we've added the following extra functionality:
      • Persistence: When a battle ends your characters' stats are automatically saved and are recalled on next game open. Even if you lose the game your characters' stats get saved!
      • Minimap: Press 'm' to open a minimap that will show a visual representation of the map you've discovered so far!
    • Keyboard layout:
      • w, a, s, d: movement keys, in the usual configuration.
      • e: interact with an adjacent chest on the map.
      • f: fight an adjacent enemy on the map.
      • m: open the minimap (any key closes it).
      • i: open/close the inventory.
      • <SPACEBAR>: open the walking menu.
      • k: open the help text.
      • t: start the tutorial.
  • Code Organization
    • Code is organized by layers, com.mg105.user_interface, com.mg105.interface_adapters, com.mg105.data_control, com.mg105.use_cases, com.mg105.entities.
    • The com.mg105.user_interface package is the only package that knows anything about the graphics library, JavaFX.
    • The com.mg105.utils package mostly keeps track of constants.
  • Testing
    • As of 96e8a0a3, (line) test coverage is as follows:
      • com.mg105.entities: 90%
      • com.mg105.use_cases: 90%
      • com.mg105.data_control: 76%
      • com.mg105.interface_adapters: 57%
      • com.mg105.user_interface: 1%
      • com.mg105.utils: 100%
      • Total: 51%
    • Some tests assume a completely clean environment, if some tests fail delete move_data.csv and party_data.csv and run them again.
  • Documentation
    • Current up-to-date Javadoc can be found here.
  • Extra GitHub Features Used
    • GitHub actions to make sure sensitive files (.idea/*) are not accidentally modified in a PR (link).
    • GitHub releases for every merge into main, built by GitHub actions (link).
    • GitHub pages that host up-to-date Javadoc of main, built automatically by GitHub actions (link).

Note for Apple Silicon Users (m1 and beyond chips)

Due to some dependency issues this game will NOT build properly for anyone using Apple Silicon (m1 or m2 chips). You should still be able to make changes and run and create tests.


Unless mentioned otherwise, code is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License, Version 3.0. See the LICENSE file for more details.

Here are the exceptions: