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sudo apt-get install -y python3.7
sudo apt-get install python3-distutils --reinstall
curl -o
python3.7 --user
python3.7 -m pip install virtualenv --user
python3.7 -m virtualenv envCSSS
. envCSSS/bin/activate
git clone
cd csss-site

python3.7 -m pip install -r requirements.txt
# want to know why the wierd way of quotes are used? ->
echo 'BASE_DIR='"'"'<folder that contains csss-site repo>'"'"'' > CI/site_envs
echo 'SECRET_KEY='"'"''"'"'' >> CI/site_envs
echo 'DEBUG='"'"'true'"'"'' >> CI/site_envs
echo 'HOST_ADDRESS='"'"'<serverIP>>'"'"'' >> CI/site_envs

echo 'DB_TYPE='"'"'<sqlite3 or postgres>'"'"'' >> CI/site_envs
# if you do not want to spin up a docker database, use sqlite3

# below 2 are only needed if you decided to use sqlite3
echo 'DB_PASSWORD='"'"'test_password'"'"'' >> CI/site_envs
echo 'DB_PORT='"'"'5432'"'"'' >> CI/site_envs

. CI/ site_envs

docker run --name csss_site_db -p ${DB_PORT}:5432 -it -d -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=${DB_PASSWORD} postgres:alpine

mkdir -p /path/to/csss-site/csss-site/src/logs

cd csss-site/src


python3.7 createsuperuser # if you need to log into the admin

python3.7 runserver

Before opening a PR

cd /absolute/path/to/parent/folder/of/repo
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