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GPU/CPU Texture Generator

GPU Texture generator using dear imgui for UI. Not production ready and a bit messy but really fun to code. This is an hybrid project that can run natively or on the web (thanks to emscripten). Basically, add GPU and CPU nodes in a graph to manipulate and generate images. A web build is available here : Image of Imogen 0.13 Web Edition Currently nodes can be written in GLSL or C or Python.

Image of Imogen 0.9 Image of Imogen 0.9

Use CMake and VisualStudio to build it. Windows and web builds are available.

Web Edition limitations:

  • no threaded jobs
  • no C/Python nodes
  • no Python plugins
  • no file load/save


  • Node based texture editing
  • material library browser
  • edit/change node shaders inside the app
  • bake textures to .png, .jpg, .tga, .bmp, .hdr, mp4
  • PBR preview
  • timeline for parameters animation

Currently implemented nodes

  • circle and square generator
  • sine generator
  • checker transform
  • transform
  • Mul/Add
  • smoothstep
  • pixelize
  • blur
  • normal map from height map
  • sphere/plan previewer
  • Hexagon
  • Mul-Add colors
  • Blend (add, mul, min, max)
  • Invert color
  • Circle Splatter
  • Ramp
  • Tile
  • Polar coordinates
  • ...

Check the project page for roadmap.

This software uses the following (awesome) projects:

Dear ImGui - Omar Cornut

stb_image, stb_image_write - Sean T. Barett

EnkiTS - Doug Binks

Tiny C Compiler - Fabrice Bellard

SDL2 -

NativeFileDialog - Michael Labbe

gl3w - Slavomir Kaslev

TinyDir -

cmft - cubemap filtering tool - Dario Manesku

dear imgui color scheme - codz01 ocornut/imgui#1902 (comment)

FFMPEG - Fabrice Bellard

Python 3 -

pybind 11 -

RapidJSON -

nanosvg - Mikko Mononen

GLSL-PathTracer - knightcrawler25

imgui_markdown - Juliette Foucaut

CGLTF - Johannes Kuhlmann