scripts for batch optimizing image files
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Notes for myself

Most of the time, I'll want:

python2 | concurrent -

    Enumerate files in a directory (and subdirectories).

    • recurisve = True: list files in subdirectories.

    • ext = None: list all files.

      ext = "png": list only PNG files.


    All the hard work of manipulating files safely & handling unicode filenames are done here.

    • Choose 1 helper function from the below list:

      Helper Notes
      runDeflopt() Optimize PNG files via Deflopt
      runOptipng() Optimize PNG files via OptiPNG.
      runPngout() Optimize PNG files via PNGOUT.
      optimizePNG() A sequence of actions (that I often use) to compress PNG files.
      runJpegoptim() Optimize JPG files via jpegoptim.
      runCwebp() Run WebP.
  • concurrent

    A tool to utilize multicore CPU.