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Welcome to BrainBay !

BrainBay is an open source bio- and neurofeedback application. It also offers some features for the creation of alternative Human-Computer-Interfaces (HCIs) such as facetracking via webcam, EMG signal pattern recognition or mouse-/keyboard control.

All source code is licensed under GPL, for copyright information please have a look at ReadMe_License.txt

Version Info

  • The current release version is 2.1 (2017-09-23)

  • Recent changes:

    • Support for OpenBCI Ganglion and the new OpenBCIHub
    • Support for Neurosky devices
    • Cursorkey integration for Oscilloscope and Threshold Windows
    • Oscilloscope features snapshots for training reporting
    • SessionManager and Sessiontime elements for menu-based selection of design

Link to Release and other Infos


  • Jim Peters for his marvellous filter-works (
  • Jeremy Wilkerson for programming some BrainBay Objects and MinGW/WINE support
  • Jeff Molofee (NeHe) for this great OpenGl-tutorial (
  • Don Cross for a well working fft-routine (
  • AllenD for showing how to do a thread-oriented Com-Handler in Win32
  • Craig Peacock for the the PortTalk I/O-driver, see
  • Marcin Kocikowski for the Neurobit Optima-4 Device and support
  • Raymond Nguyen for the vector port additions
  • Franz Strobl for the OCZ NIA support
  • Stephan Gerhard for the QDS parser
  • William Croft (OpenBCI) for various 2014 fixes, enhancements and blog posts

Further Information

  • Find documentation on the project hompage and in the user and developer manuals. I also recommend having a look at the OpenEEG site and the OpenBCI project:

  • If you want to share your BrainBay design files for neurofeedback or biofeedback protocols, I would be happy to include them in the release.

Enjoy :-)

Chris Veigl contact: