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Welcome to BrainBay !

BrainBay is an open source bio- and neurofeedback application. It also offers some features for the creation of alternative Human-Computer-Interfaces (HCIs) such as facetracking via webcam, EMG signal pattern recognition or mouse-/keyboard control.

All source code is licensed under GPL, for copyright information please have a look at ReadMe_License.txt

Version Info

  • The current release version is 1.9.x. (1.9 series began on 2013-12-27.)

  • For the list of recent changes, see and

  • We recommend you download and run the latest installer on the 'releases' Github link above. In addition, the Github 'bin' folder contains an up to date executable file BrainBay.exe. 'bin' also contains the user- and developer manual pdfs.

  • If you want to modify or extend the software, the Visual Studio 2010 project files and all source modules are located in the src folder.


  • Jim Peters for his marvellous filter-works (
  • Jeremy Wilkerson for programming some BrainBay Objects and MinGW/WINE support
  • Jeff Molofee (NeHe) for this great OpenGl-tutorial (
  • Don Cross for a well working fft-routine (
  • AllenD for showing how to do a thread-oriented Com-Handler in Win32
  • Craig Peacock for the the PortTalk I/O-driver, see
  • Marcin Kocikowski for the Neurobit Optima-4 Device and support
  • Raymond Nguyen for the vector port additions
  • Franz Strobl for the OCZ NIA support
  • Stephan Gerhard for the QDS parser
  • William Croft (OpenBCI) for various 2014 fixes and enhancements

Further Information

  • Find documentation on the project hompage and in the user and developer manuals. I also recommend having a look at the OpenEEG site and the OpenBCI project:

  • If you want to share your BrainBay design files for neurofeedback or biofeedback protocols, I would be happy to include them in the release.

Enjoy :-)

Chris Veigl contact: