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A comprehensive membership evaluations solution for Computer Science House.


To run the application, you must have the latest version of Python 3 and virtualenv installed. Once you have those installed, create a new virtualenv and install the Python dependencies:

virtualenv .conditionalenv -p `which python3`
source .conditionalenv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt
export FLASK_APP=app.py

In addition, you must have Node, NPM, and Gulp CLI installed to properly execute the asset pipeline. If you don't have Node installed, we recommending installing with NVM:

nvm install
nvm use
npm install -g gulp

Then, install the pipeline and frontend dependencies:

npm install


You must create config.py in the top-level directory with the appropriate credentials for the application to run. See config.sample.py for an example.

Add OIDC Config

Reach out to an RTP to get OIDC credentials that will allow you to develop locally behind OIDC auth

# OIDC Config
OIDC_ISSUER = "https://sso.csh.rit.edu/auth/realms/csh"
    'client_id': '',
    'client_secret': '',
    'post_logout_redirect_uris': ['']


Once you have all of the dependencies installed, simply run:

npm start

This will run the asset pipeline, start the Python server, and start BrowserSync. Your default web browser will open automatically. If it doesn't, navigate to Any changes made to the frontend files in frontend or the Jinja templates in conditional/templates will cause the browser to reload automatically.

Database Migrations

If the database schema is changed after initializing the database, you must migrate it to the new schema by running:

flask db upgrade

At the same time, if you change the database schema, you must generate a new migration by running:

flask db migrate

The new migration script in migrations/versions should be verified before being committed, as Alembic may not detect every change you make to the models.

For more information, refer to the Flask-Migrate documentation.

Old Evals DB Migration

Conditional includes a utility to facilitate data migrations from the old Evals DB. This isn't necessary to run Conditional. To perform this migration, run the following commands before starting the application:

pip install pymysql
flask zoo