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Contentify CMS - v3.0

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Contentify is an esports CMS based on the PHP framework Laravel 5.5. Build your gaming website with a modern CMS.

  • Technologically advanced gaming CMS
  • High quality code and documentation
  • Based upon the most popular PHP framework
  • Ready for mobile devices
  • Easy to use but yet powerful
  • Free and open source
  • Tons of features

Get the production version

Download it here: 3.0

To install Contentify please follow the instructions in the wiki.

Get the developer version

Clone this repository via git and switch to the 3.0 branch. Via console, go to the Contentify directory and run php composer.phar install. Then follow the instructions in the wiki.


To update from v2.6 to 3.0:

  • Make a backup of your files and your database!
  • Clear the cache by running php artisan cache:clear via console or deleting all files and folders in storage/framework/cache and storage/framework/views
  • Delete these folders in the current Contentify installation: vendor, app, contentify, resources
  • Download the files for the update and copy & paste them into the Contentify folder. Replace existing files.
  • Please ensure that the public/uploads/news folder exists. If it does not, please create it.
  • If you made changes to the config files in the config folder, you have to re-apply them
  • Now run the updater script via console with php <contentify>/public/update.php or via browser with http://localhost/public/update.php.



The server resets (database, uploaded files and cache) twice per hour.

NOTE: The demo website is running with Contentify 3.0.


You can get free support via GitHub's issue section or via e-mail.


Contributions welcome! Learn more...