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Jangaroo Applications

To give you an impression of what you can achieve with Jangaroo, here is a list of some publicly available Jangaroo demos and applications.

Flash Lines

An example of how to use Jangaroo to run a Flash demo without a Flash plugin.

The AS3 source code is compiled to JavaScript with the Jangaroo AS3 to JS compiler, using the Jangaroo Flash API re-implementation which implements a large subset of the Flash API, drawing into a HTML5 canvas. With only a few lines of JavaScript, that code is loaded and run in any moderately modern browser (i.e. not IE < 9).

If your browser has a Flash plugin, you can see the original demo running in a Flash player at the right side. Don't they look like twins?

Flixel Games

The Open Source framework flixel is great for building 2D Flash games and comes with several demo games. We grabbed the source and recompiled it with the Jangaroo compiler, again using the Jangaroo Flash re-implementation. Then, we cross-compiled three different flixel games: The demos Flx Invaders and FlxTeroids as well as the complete game MODE, and the tutorial platformer Jumper, including visual effects and sound.

This means the games now run as HTML5 applications in every modern browser, without a Flash plugin! Safari mobile (iPhone, iPad, iPod) works too, but very slowly, and so far, the games can only be controlled by keys, so you cannot actually play.


The original Box2DFlash framework and example code recompiled with the Jangaroo AS3 to JS compiler, using a Jangaroo Flash API re-implementation which implements Flash drawing using a HTML5 canvas.

This means it runs in every modern browser (for Microsoft Internet Explorer, you need version 9). Safari mobile (iPhone, iPad, iPod) works also, but the demos do not yet support touch events, so only the falling 'Ragdolls' can be viewed.


[]( to.html)The Flash game benchmarks BunnyMark and BunnyLandMark compare different rendering strategies. After a few minor fixes in jooflash and creating a Maven POM, the project could be compiled and built with Jangaroo, resulting in a HTML5 version of the benchmark. Read more about BunnyMark and Jangaroo in Iain Lobb's Blog. You find all links to running demos and the source code there.

Jangaron - Jangaroo Tron Lightcycle Game

Definitely the largest Jangaroo application outside CoreMedia is the free Web game Jangaron, a 3D remake of the Tron Lightcycle Game. The game is completely written in Jangaroo, besides one ActionScript class that allows access to the Flash Sound object from Jangaroo (in the experimental version, it even uses HTML5 Audio). As all Jangaroo applications, it runs in all major browsers, even in older IE versions.

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