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Programming Humanoid Robot In Python

Source code for Programming Humanoid Robot in Python Lecture in TU Berlin.

  1. Software Installtion
  2. Introduction
  3. Joint Control
  4. Kinematics
  5. Distributed Computing

How to submit your exercise?

inital setup

  • create a github account if you don't have
  • open repository page
  • click "Fork" button in top right corner
  • clone your fork to your computer:
    git clone

update in following weeks

This repo is work in progress, please sync git before doing exercise every week.

program and submit

  • do exercises
  • commit your code and push to github
  • submit your git repo url via ISIS assignment page

Demo in lecture

The demo showed in lecture are included in this repo as well, please check files (mostly *.ipynb) in subfolders.