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Copyright 2016-2019 DMTF. All rights reserved.

Redfish Reference Checker

About is a python3 tool that checks for valid reference URLs in CSDL xml files.


The following requirements may be installed via the command line:

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

The requirements for this tool are as follows:


Copy into any tool directory, and requires no extra configuration.

Run: python3 [url] [--nochkcert] [--alias file] [--file] [--timeout]

URL includes authority. Note that quotations or an escape must be used for '$' and '#' characters, when using ODATA Uris.


Upon execution, attempts to get an XML file at the URL given, and exits with 1 on bad URLs or non xml formatted files, then dereferences all reference URLs in the file.

Upon specifying --nochkcert, it will not attempt to verify any certification provided. --timeout may be used to increase request timeouts.

Upon specifying --alias, it will read a json-formatted file that provides an alias for URIs or URLs not currently published online, and instead points to a local file. For single files, a single URL may be mapped on the left hand side to point to a file stored on the right. If a URL is appended with /*, then it may point to a directory appended with /* on the right, such that each file in the directory will be mapped to its own URL.

For a simpler way to test one local file, please use the parameter --file, which will interpret the URL given as a locally stored file relative to the current work directory. This mode will not interpret a "host", and thus will fail if the stored file contains relative references.

Exits with success if the amount of missing references is zero.

About is a python3 tool that checks for valid reference URLs in CSDL xml files.




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