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DOMjudge programming contest jury system
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This is the Programming Contest Jury System "DOMjudge" version 6.1.0DEV

DOMjudge is a system for running a programming contest, like the ICPC regional and world championship programming contests.


For more information on installation and requirements see the documentation under the doc/admin directory. There are HTML and PDF versions of the documentation available, prebuilt from SGML sources.

The doc/ directory also contains documentation for users of DOMjudge, namely for jury members (under doc/judge) and teams (under doc/team).

The jury documentation is also available in HTML and PDF format.

The team documentation is available prebuilt in PDF format, but it contains default/example settings. To include the correct settings for your local environment, DOMjudge has to be properly configured first, as parts of the configuration are used in it (e.g. the URL to the team interface of DOMjudge). A LaTeX installation including the packages svn and expdlist is required to rebuild the team documentation. For more information, see the administrator documentation.

All documentation is also available online at the DOMjudge homepage: Please note that this documentation is from the latest stable release and thus might not apply to your version.

A fresh copy of the repository source tree must first be bootstrapped, generating the configure script and documentation. This can be done by running 'make dist', see the online documentation, section "Developer information" for more details.

Copyright & Licensing

DOMjudge is Copyright (c) 2004 - 2019 by the DOMjudge developers and all respective contributors. The current DOMjudge developers are Jaap Eldering, Nicky Gerritsen, Keith Johnson, Thijs Kinkhorst and Tobias Werth; see the administrator's manual for a complete list of contributors.

DOMjudge, including its documentation, is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option) any later version. See the file COPYING.

Additionally, parts of this system are based on other programs, which are covered by other copyrights. This will be noted in the files themselves and these copyrights/attributions can also be found in the administrator manual.

Various JavaScript libraries/snippets are included under www/js/:

  • jscolor.js: copyright Jan Odvarko, licensed under the GNU LGPL.
  • tabber.js: copyright Patrick Fitzgerald, licensed under the MIT licence.
  • Ace editor: licensed under the BSD licence, see COPYING.BSD.
  • jQuery: licensed under the MIT licence, see COPYING.MIT.
  • jQuery TokenInput: dual licensed under GPL and MIT licences, see COPYING and COPYING.MIT.

The Spyc PHP YAML parser is included, licensed under the MIT licence, see COPYING.MIT.

Font Awesome is copyright FortAwesome. Icons License: CC BY 4.0 License Font License: SIL OFL 1.1 ( Code License: the MIT licence, see COPYING.MIT

The default validator from the Kattis problemtools package is included, licensed under the MIT licence, see COPYING.MIT.

The M4 autoconf macros are licensed under all-permissive and GPL3+ licences; see the respective files under m4/ for details.

Furthermore, a binary version of the dash shell (statically compiled) is distributed with DOMjudge. This program is copyright by various people under the BSD licence and a part under the GNU GPL version 2, see doc/dash.copyright for more details. Sources can be downloaded from:


The DOMjudge homepage can be found at:

Announcements of new releases are sent to our low volume announcements mailinglist. Subscription to this list is done via

The developers can be reached through the mailinglist You need to be subscribed before you can post. Information, subscription and archives are available at:

Some developers and users of DOMjudge linger on the IRC channel dedicated to DOMjudge on the Freenode network: server, channel #domjudge

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