Dæmon Engine

The engine powering the Unvanquished game

Pinned repositories

  1. Daemon

    The Dæmon game engine.

    C++ 51 14

  2. Sloth

    Generates XreaL/Daemon shader files from directories of texture maps

    Python 6 2

  3. Chameleon

    Texture replacement editor for the Quake 3 map format

    Python 3 2

  4. Urcheon

    An asset builder and package manager for Dæmon based games

    Python 9

  5. CBSE-Toolchain

    Code generator for the plumbing of a component-based gamelogic.

    C++ 2 1

  6. crunch

    Forked from Unity-Technologies/crunch

    Advanced DXTc texture compression and transcoding library with Unity improvements

    C++ 4

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