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Schongo Modular Bot

Schongo is an IRC bot designed to be as modular as possible, with no single module being required for core functionality (Such as talking to the IRC Server itself) -- Note that at this time it is not completely meeting this goal (_tracking is hard-loaded by the core, and can not handle being unloaded), However Selig is working hard to make this happen.

Schongo is being written by:

  • Selig Arkin
  • Ross Delinger (Posiden)
  • Wil Hall

Plans for the future

Please read the TODO file.


To setup Schongo: copy data/example.cfg to data/config.cfg Then edit config.cfg with the irc network details

Then type this into terminal or cmdline:



Please take a look at the for information on development for the Schongo IRC Bot



By default, Schongo uses the char '@' for commands, so that is the char that this document will use to describe commands Commands are of the form @command arg1 arg2 ... argn some commands may have sub-commands which take the form of @command subcommand arg1 arg2 ... argn


You can load and unload modules at runtime with the commands @load module module module module and @unload module module module module

SO ( By Ross Delinger )

Interface with the Stack Exchange API Current only supports stackoverflow others may follow

@so <tag1> <tag2> <etc>

Search through stackoverflow for the given tags


Provides some random commands.

@choose one or two or ... or n

Picks from the given options - options are seperated by the string ' or '

@8ball <life questions of great importance>

Shakes the bot's built-in ( Free of charge! ) eight ball, and outputs the result

cyphertools ( By Wil Hall )

Adds the cypher command for applying various cyphers to text.

@cypher addcharset <setname> <set>

Add a character set for future use. should be like abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Where each character will be interpreted respectively.

@cypher view <setname>

View a character set

@cypher delcharset <set>

Deletes the given char set

@cypher replace <from> <to> <text>

Replacement cypher

@cypher shift <set> <num> <text>

Shift Cypher

dynamic ( By Selig Arkin )

Provides Dynamic commands to Schongo

Dynamic commands can use special syntax enhancements, such as %%Nick%% to refer to the person's nick, or %%Channel%% The syntax is as follows:

%%Variable%% - Replaced with the value of Variable %[function name][function args]% - Dynamic function, such as random

== TODO ==

  • Implement the ability for other plugins to define functions and variables


** No docstring given **


** No docstring given **


** No docstring given **


** No docstring given **

geoip ( By Wil Hall )

Adds the 'geoip' command, which attempts to resolve a location for an IP or hostname.


** No docstring given **

netcmds ( By Ross Delinger )

Module that wraps around ping and traceroute. The new and improved system uses a new threading technique to handle unix commands

@ping <host>

This command runs the ping command via the command line and outputs the results into irc

@traceroute <host>

Run traceroute or tracrt depending on system. Gets the route and timing to an IP address or domain name

probability ( By Wil Hall )

Adds the 'probability' command, which calculates the number of possible word and sentence permutations, depending on word length.


** No docstring given **

quotes ( By Selig Arkin )

Allows the bot to store quotes of people

Adds the following commands: remember, quote


** No docstring given **


** No docstring given **


Provides remote-control functionality to Schongo


** No docstring given **


** No docstring given **


** No docstring given **


** No docstring given **

secondlife ( By Ross Delinger )

Adds a interface with various SL APIs Name2Key and key2name are currently broken due to drama on the providers side A new service will be developed when I feel like it

@Name2Key <UUID>

looks up the Secondlife UUID and returns a name


Retrieves the current status of the Second Life Grid

shorten ( By Wil Hall, Selig Arkin )

Interfaces with shortening services, and expands shortened urls

Adds the 'shorten' command, currently hard-coded to use Also adds a sniffer to find short urls and expand them

Original Module by Wil Hall - Hacked to death by Selig Arkin

@shorten [service] <long-url>

Condences using the given service (currently defaults to

tachi ( By Ross Delinger )

Named for Tachikoma the bot in created by _3of9 It spams random blurbs and twitter posts all the time Its purpose here is to spit out rss feed updates

@feed add <feed name> <feed url>

Add a feed to monitor

@feed force <feed name>

Force the given feed to be updated

@feed remove <feed name>

Remove the given feed

@feed clear

Clear the monitor of all feeds

@feed list

Return a list of all stored feeds

test ( By Various )

Example Module to test various new features as they are added.

Feel free to add to them!

@test timer start

** No docstring given **

@test timer stop

** No docstring given **

@test timer delay

** No docstring given **

@test crash

** No docstring given **

@test userinfo

** No docstring given **

@test chaninfo

** No docstring given **

@test say

** No docstring given **


Adds the 'translationparty' command, allowing users to connect to google translator to translate a phrase back and forth from English to Japanese, using's phrases after an equilibrium is found.


** No docstring given **

unicode ( By Selig Arkin )

Looks up information using the unicode database of happy! Yayyy!

@unicode <char or search>

Searches for information on the given char or, does an exact-match search for a char named in the args

weather ( By Ross Delinger )

A weather forcast module that works using the weather underground api

@weather <city>

Returns the current forcast for the given area should be able to take area code or city


Looks up information from a MediaWiki wiki - Currently only Wikipedia

Please note that this is still in development and needs some kinks to be worked out still

@wikipedia <search>

Searches through wikipedia for the given search string


Implements various commands to interact with YouTube, and a meta information grabber

@youtube <search string>

Searches youtube for the given search string