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Install and manage GE-Proton, Luxtorpeda & more for Steam and Wine-GE & more for Lutris with this graphical user interface.


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Install and manage GE-Proton and Luxtorpeda for Steam and Wine-GE for Lutris with this graphical user interface. Based on AUNaseef's ProtonUp, made with Python 3 and Qt 6.

ProtonUp-Qt Screenshot


Affiliation Note: ProtonUp-Qt is an independent tool for managing gaming compatibility tools. It is neither directly affiliated with the compatibility tool creators nor with the providers of the individual game launchers. However, we try to work with them where possible.

The official development takes place on GitHub at DavidoTek/ProtonUp-Qt, and the official website is We distribute ProtonUp-Qt as a Flatpak on Flathub and as an AppImage in the releases section of the GitHub repository. Additionally, we check the integrity of the AUR (protonup-qt and protonup-qt-bin) and Pacstall distribution on an irregular basis.

Download from Flathub or as AppImage (portable):

Download from Flathub Download AppImage


Install from AUR: (Arch, Manjaro, EndeavourOS, etc.)

Source (Maintained by yochananmarqos)

Binary (Appimage) (Maintained by R1yuu)

Run from source

Install dependencies

pip3 install -r ./requirements.txt

Run ProtonUp-Qt

python3 -m pupgui2

Build AppImage

Install dependencies

  1. Install appimage-builder:

Build AppImage


Translate ProtonUp-Qt

Recommended: You can translate ProtonUp-Qt on Weblate:

  1. Generate an empty translation file or copy a template from here.
  2. Install Qt Linguist (alternatively: edit the .ts file using a text editor).
  3. Open the translation file (.ts) with Qt Linguist and translate the app.
  4. The app summary can be found here.
  5. The comment inside the .desktop file can be found here.
  6. Submit the translation:
    a) Create a Pull Request with the translation
    b) Simple method: Alternatively, upload the .ts file/texts here and create a new issue with a link to your translation.


Special thanks to the authors of all services that ProtonUp-Qt uses, including AreWeAntiCheatYet and ProtonDB.


Project License
ProtonUp-Qt GPL-3.0
ProtonUp GPL-3.0
PySide6 LGPL-3.0/GPL-2.0
inputs BSD
pyxdg LGPLv2
vdf MIT
requests Apache 2.0