Installation on Pi MusicBox

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Setting up Mopidy-AlarmClock on Pi MusicBox

Warning! Mopidy-AlarmClock is not supported by authors of Pi MusicBox.

Setting up alarm clock is divided into several steps. Steps should be made in sequence they are mentioned. To set up alarm clock SSH must be enabled.

Setting up NTP client to improve time synchronization from the Internet

To set up NTP client (and configure Monit to monitor it) invoke the following commands (one by one):

apt-get -y install ntp
echo -e "check process ntpd with pidfile /var/run/\n      start program = \"/etc/init.d/ntp start\"\n      stop  program = \"/etc/init.d/ntp stop\"\n      restart program = \"/etc/init.d/ntp restart\"\n      if failed host port 123 type udp for 2 cycles then restart" > /etc/monit/monitrc.d/ntp
ln -s /etc/monit/monitrc.d/ntp /etc/monit/conf.d/ntp

Setting timezone

Invoke command dpkg-reconfigure tzdata and select proper time zone (otherwise alarm will start in wrong hour).

Installing Mopidy-AlarmClock

  1. Install Mopidy-AlarmClock by running command pip install Mopidy-AlarmClock
  2. Reboot (by using web interface or running command shutdown -r now)
  3. Open /alarmclock URL on Pi MusicBox (e.g. http://musicbox.local/alarmclock/) to use Alarm Clock
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