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Rule based CRUD CoreData Frontends for SwiftUI
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CoreData to SwiftUI

Swift5.1 macOS iOS watchOS Travis

Going fully declarative: Direct to SwiftUI.

WORK IN PROGRESS: Supposedly this will eventually be a Direct to SwiftUI, just using CoreData instead of ZeeQL.

Direct to SwiftUI is an adaption of an old WebObjects technology called Direct to Web. This time for Apple's new framework: SwiftUI. Instant CRUD apps, configurable using a declarative rule system, yet fully integrated with SwiftUI.

There is a blog entry explaining how to use this: Introducing Direct to SwiftUI.


The library name is intentionally kept as DirectToSwiftUI. Only the package is a different one. Which implies that you can't use CoreData to SwiftUI and Direct to SwiftUI together!


CoreData to SwiftUI requires an environment capable to run SwiftUI. That is: macOS Catalina, iOS 13 or watchOS 6. In combination w/ Xcode 11.

Note that you can run iOS 13/watchOS 6 apps on Mojave in the emulator, so that is fine as well.

Using the Package

You can either just drag the Direct to SwiftUI Xcode project into your own project, or you can use Swift Package Manager.

The package URL is: .


What it looks like

A demo application using the Sakila database is provided: DVDRentalCoreData.




Still too ugly to show, but works in a very restricted way ;-)


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