Xcode Default-lookalike theme for TextMate and Sublime Text 2.
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Xcode Theme

A TextMate, Atom or Sublime Text 2 theme based on the default Xcode theme. Remember than this is only a color scheme, to have the full look of Xcode you will also need to add Menlo Regular 11.0 as your font.


Atom (in Preferences->Themes search for xcode-theme): screenshot

TextMate: screenshot

Sublime Text: screenshot


Atom -> Preferences -> Themes and type Xcode. Alternatively you can download the theme files, decompress the contents and move the resulting folder to ~/.atom/packages/.

TextMate Installation

Download and unzipp this file, double-click or open the Xcode default.tmTheme file and TextMate will take care of installing it for you.

Sublime Text 2 Installation

Download and unzipp this file, then add Xcode default.tmTheme to your Color Scheme - Default folder.

In OS X:

~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Packages/Color Scheme - Default

In Linux:

~/.Sublime Text 2/Packages/Color Scheme - Default

In Windows:

%APPDATA%\Sublime Text 2/Packages/Color Scheme - Default

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