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  1. N-BEATS Public

    Python 290 79

  2. Pytorch implementation of HighRes-net, a neural network for multi-frame super-resolution, trained and tested on the European Space Agency’s Kelvin competition.

    Jupyter Notebook 242 44

  3. Codebase for Embedding Propagation: Smoother Manifold for Few-Shot Classification

    Python 184 24

  4. LCFCN Public

    ECCV 2018 - Where are the Blobs: Counting by Localization with Point Supervision

    Python 154 44

  5. picard Public

    PICARD - Parsing Incrementally for Constrained Auto-Regressive Decoding from Language Models

    Haskell 149 46

  6. TADAM Public

    The implementation of

    Jupyter Notebook 92 21


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