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npm release MIT license Pull Requests Welcome IRC

Sell digital files with Bitcoin & Lightning.

  • Simple setup and minimal configuration, just put some files in a directory and start the server.

  • Lightweight web browsing interface, works without JavaScript.

  • Generates previews for images, videos, audio, pdf and text documents.

Powered by Lightning Charge.

FileBazaar demo


Setup Lightning Charge, then:

# Install dependencies for EXIF extraction and preview generation
$ apt install exiftool ffmpeg graphicsmagick unoconv

# Install dependencies for node-canvas (see
$ apt install libcairo2-dev libjpeg8-dev libpango1.0-dev libgif-dev build-essential g++

# Install filebazaar
$ npm install -g filebazaar

# Prepare a directory with the files you wish to sell and cd to it
$ mkdir ~/ForSale && cd ~/ForSale

# Initialize the `_filebazaar.yaml` config file
$ filebazaar init

# Edit the config file (`charge_token` is required, `token_secret` is auto-generated)
$ edit _filebazaar.yaml

# Start filebazaar!
$ filebazaar


FileBazaar's configuration options can be managed using the _filebazaar.yaml file or via environment variables. All config options are optional and have sane defaults except for charge_token and token_secret, which are required. If you're accessing the web server remotely, you probably also want to set host and url. See lib/config.js for more details.

Below is an example _filebazaar.yaml file:


### Server settings

port: 9678
env: production

### Lightning Charge

charge_url: http://localhost:9112

### FileBazaar settings

# The directory containing the files for sale
# defaults to the directory containing the _filebazaar.yaml file
directory: /home/shesek/ForSale

# The default file price, can be overridden for individual files (see below)
default_price: 0.25 USD

# Expiry times
invoice_ttl: 3600 # lock-in exchange rate for 1 hour
download_ttl: 172800 # make download available for 2 days after payment

# Secret for generating HMAC access tokens (required)

# Directory to keep cached preview files
# defaults to `{directory}/_filebazaar_cache`
cache_path: /path/to/filebazaar_cache

### Looks & feel

# See available themes on
theme: yeti

# Add custom CSS
css: |
  body { background: blue }
  a { color: orange }

# Set custom views directory
views_dir: /path/to/custom/views

# Set custom static files directory
static_dir: /path/to/custom/static

### Files settings

    price: 5 USD
    button: Buy this book
    desc: >      
      Mastering Bitcoin is essential reading for everyone interested in learning about bitcoin.
      This field **supports markdown** and will show up on the file's page.

  # if you're only interested in setting the price, you can use:
  Books/Mastering-Bitcoin.pdf: 5 USD

  # if you want to configure multiple files inside the same directory, you can nest them:
  Media/: # (note the trailing slash)
      Mastering-Bitcoin.pdf: 5 USD # /Media/Books/Andreas/Mastering-Bitcoin.pdf
      The-Internet-of-Money.pdf: 4 USD # /Media/Books/Andreas/The-Internet-of-Money.pdf


Initializing _filebazaar.yaml

You can use $ filebazaar init [directory] to initialize a new _filebazaar.yaml config file. A random token_secret will be added for you. If no [directory] is specified, the file will be created in the working directory.

Running FileBazaar

To start FileBazaar, run $ filebazaar [path]. You can either specify the path to the files directory or to the _filebazaar.yaml file. If no [path] is specified, defaults to the working directory.

File Preview

FileBazaar can currently generate previews for the following file types:

  • Images: a preview image will be generated by pixelating the left half of the image and adding watermark text using node-canvas and graphicsmagick (see example image).

  • Videos & audio: a preview will be generated by slicing off the first 30 seconds using ffmpeg.

  • Documents: a preview image of the first page of the document will be generated using unoconv (supports pdf, doc, docx, odt, and many others).

In addition, EXIF metadata will be extracted using exiftool and displayed for all file types.