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A tensorflow implementation of "Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial Networks"
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Set-condiioned DC-GAN

This is an adaptation of the standard class-conditioned DC-GAN so now generator (and discriminator) are conditioned on an additional example set (as opposed to an explicit class label) whose distribution it must match.

For a similar idea, but in an autoencoder set-up, see this paper.


This repository is based off the popular DCGAN-tensorflow. Many thanks to Taehoon Kim / @carpedm20.

It also uses a GAN regulariser given here. Many thanks to the authors.



Test on synthetic dataset:

$ python --dataset shapes --train

Or download dataset with:

$ python celebA

Train a model with downloaded dataset:

$ python --dataset celebA --use_tags --input_height=108 --train

You can use your own dataset (without central crop) by:

$ mkdir data/DATASET_NAME
$ mkdir data/DATASET_NAME/CLASS_1
... add images to data/DATASET_NAME/CLASS_1 ...
... add images to data/DATASET_NAME/CLASS_2 ...
... add images to data/DATASET_NAME/CLASS_N ...
$ python --dataset DATASET_NAME --train
$ python --dataset DATASET_NAME
$ # example
$ python --dataset=eyes --input_fname_pattern="*_cropped.png" --train

Alternatively, for each image you can create a .tags file of the same name with a list of tags separated by spaces. $ # example $ python --dataset=eyes --use_tags



5_o_clock_shadow: examples samples

bald: examples samples

bald: examples samples

Anime faces

Dataset based on extracted faces from danbooru images tagged with 500 most popular characters, roughly 400 images per character

artoria_pendragon_(all): examples samples

louise_francoise_le_blanc_de_la_valliere: examples samples

urakaze_(kantai_collection): examples samples

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