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The code to run an Ensembl website
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The code to run an Ensembl website

The ensembl-webcode repository contains the essential code needed for an "Ensembl-powered" web interface running on Apache and mod_perl with a MySQL backend. Note that for a fully functional site, you will also need the Ensembl Perl API and the public-plugins supplementary web code. Thus the full set of code needed for a website consists of the following git repositories:

  • ensembl
  • ensembl-compara
  • ensembl-funcgen
  • ensembl-io
  • ensembl-orm
  • ensembl-variation
  • ensembl-webcode
  • public-plugins

In addiition, the following repositories are required for our Tools interface:

  • ensembl-hive
  • ensembl-tools

Further documentation on how to install and configure an Ensembl-powered website can be found at


If you would like to contibute to the Ensembl webcode please see our contribution guide.

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