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Craft N' Escape

Items and crafting recipes for The Escapists 1 & 2, on one filterable page. Available at

Because everyone loves it when a plan comes together


Note: Only The Escapists 1 is fully supported at this moment. The Escapists 2 support is ongoing.

  • List of all available items with all their attributes
    • Can be filtered in many ways (is craftable, is illegal, etc)
    • Crafting recipes
    • Links to The Escapists wiki
    • Items image
  • Given a list of items you own, you can get the list of items you can craft
  • (Internal) Crafting recipes editor (used to convert The Escapists 1 crafting recipes format to the Craft N' Escape one)
  • (Internal) Items images extractor


  • Should work on any Python 3.x version. Feel free to test with another Python version and give me feedback
  • (Optional, but recommended) A uWSGI-capable web server
  • (Optional) The Escapists 1 and/or 2, if you need to extract the items data or images


  1. Clone this repo somewhere
  2. pip install -r requirements.txt


Copy the file to and fill in the configuration parameters.

Available configuration parameters are:

  • SECRET_KEY Set this to a complex random value

More informations about Flask config values can be found here.

  • GAUGES_SITE_ID A Gauges site ID used to track visits on Craft N' Escape (optional)
  • CACHE_THRESHOLD The maximum number of items the cache will store before it starts deleting some (see here for more configuration parameters related to Flask-Cache)

I'll let you search yourself about how to configure a web server along uWSGI.


  • Standalone

Run the internal web server, which will be accessible at http://localhost:8080:


Edit this file and change the interface/port as needed.

  • uWSGI

The uWSGI file you'll have to set in your uWSGI configuration is The callable is app.

  • Others

You'll probably have to hack with this application to make it work with one of the solutions described here. Send me a pull request if you make it work.

Update Craft N' Escape

bash scripts/

Extracting items data

The Escapists 1

The Flask command flask te1_extract_items_data is used to regenerate the items listing file, i.e when the game has been updated.

This command only works on Windows, and requires the game to be installed.

  1. set
  2. flask te1_extract_items_data --gamedir="{path to the game root directory}"

The Escapists 2


Extracting items images

The Escapists 1

The Flask command flask te1_extract_items_image is used to extract items images from the game itself.

This command only works on Windows, and requires the game to be already running in any map without any internal game window opened. The game's window must be visible at all times, and must not be moved or resized.

  1. pip install -r requirements-dev.txt
  2. set
  3. flask te1_extract_items_image

The Escapists 2


How it works

This project is mainly powered by Flask (Python) for the backend and Vue.js 2 for the frontend.

Data is stored in JSON files. Why? And why not an SQLite database or some kind of embedded relational database? Because JSON files are easy to read using every programming languages, even Javascript on the client-side. In addition I didn't want to mess with the SQLite => JSON processing, so instead we directly use JSON as the data storage format.

The Escapists 1

  • storage/data/1/items.json is built by the flask te1_extract_items_data command by parsing the game's files (the Data/items_*.dat ones). It contains all items information.
  • storage/data/1/recipes.json contains all crafting recipes of the items contained in the file above. A recipes editor (only available locally at http://localhost:8080/recipes-editor) is used to convert The Escapists 1 crafting recipes format (simple, unformatted, non-machine friendly text) to the Craft N' Escape one (relation to items IDs).

Items images are extracted using, huh, a brutal solution. Basically, the flask te1_extract_items_image command edit the game's process memory for each existing items by assigning them in your weapon slot. A screenshot of the current weapon is then taken, the background is converted to a transparent one and the final image saved at static/images/items/1/{item ID}.png.

The Escapists 2


For more information, I suggest you do dive into the code starting with the file.


  • Logo by Matthew McClintock (Design Science License)
  • All The Escapists / The Escapists 2 assets © 2015 - 2018 Mouldy Toof Studios / Team17 Digital
  • This project is not affiliated with Mouldy Toof Studios / Team17 Digital

End words

If you have questions or problems, you can either: