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Running With Rifles Stats (RWRS)

Players statistics, servers list and more for the Running With Rifles (RWR) game and its Pacific DLC. Available at

Your everyday RWR companion tool!


  • Should work on any Python 3.x version
  • A modern web browser
  • A MySQL-compatible DBMS (MySQL, MariaDB, Percona, etc)
  • (Optional, but recommended) A uWSGI-capable web server
  • (Optional) Running With Rifles, if you need to extract data by using the commands below


  1. Clone this repo somewhere
  2. Copy .env.local to .env
  3. pip install -r requirements-dev.txt
  4. flask db upgrade
  5. bash scripts/


Copy the file to and fill in the configuration parameters.

Available configuration parameters are:

  • SECRET_KEY Set this to a complex random value
  • SERVER_NAME The IP or hostname where RWRS will be available

More informations on the two above can be found here.

  • DB_USERNAME Username to access the DBMS (production env only)
  • DB_PASSWORD Password to access the DBMS (production env only)
  • DB_UNIX_SOCKET If set, DB_HOST and DB_PORT will be ignored in favor of using this Unix socket to communicate with the DBMS (production env only)
  • DB_HOST Host of the DBMS (production env only)
  • DB_PORT Port of the DBMS (production env only)
  • DB_NAME Name of the database to use (production env only)
  • GA_TRACKING_ID A Google Analytics tracking ID used to track visits on RWRS (optional)
  • BUGSNAG_API_KEY A Bugsnag API key so that unhandled exceptions are automatically sent to Bugsnag in production env (optional)
  • CACHE_THRESHOLD The maximum number of items the cache will store before it starts deleting some (see here for more configuration parameters related to Flask-Cache)
  • SERVERS_CACHE_TIMEOUT Cache duration of the servers list (in seconds)
  • PLAYERS_CACHE_TIMEOUT Cache duration of the players list as well as data for a single player (in seconds)
  • GRAPHS_DATA_CACHE_TIMEOUT Cache duration of the graphs data, both the players and the servers ones (in seconds)
  • STEAM_PLAYERS_CACHE_TIMEOUT Cache duration of the total number of players (in seconds)
  • STEAM_API_KEY A Steam API key
  • PACIFIC_PLAYERS_RANKS_COUNTRY Ranks image / name to show for the Pacific players stats (us, jp)
  • MY_DISCORD_ID My Discord user ID (snowflake)
  • DISCORD_BOT_TOKEN Authentication token used by the RWRS Discord bot
  • DISCORD_BOT_ADMINS A list of Discord user IDs (snowflakes) allowed to use hidden bot commands
  • MAX_NUM_OF_PLAYERS_TO_TRACK_STATS_FOR How many players should RWRS track the stats for (top players storted by XP)
  • ENABLE_SIGN_IN Enable the "Sign in via Steam" feature
  • ENABLE_PLAYER_CLAIMING Enable the "claim player" feature
  • PLAYER_CLAIM_DELAY Maximum amount of minutes users are allowed to finalize an RWR account claim procedure

I'll let you search yourself about how to configure a web server along uWSGI.


  • Standalone

Run the internal web server, which will be accessible at http://localhost:8080:

flask run

Edit this file and change the interface/port as needed.

  • uWSGI

The uWSGI file you'll have to set in your uWSGI configuration is The callable is app.

  • Others

You'll probably have to hack with this application to make it work with one of the solutions described here. Send me a pull request if you make it work.

Extracting ranks data and images

The Flask command flask extract-ranks is used to extract and save all ranks data to a JSON file located at storage/data/ranks.json. It also retrieve, process (the actual images content isn't centered) and save all the RWR ranks images. They are saved at static/images/ranks/{country}/{rank ID}.png and static/images/ranks/{country}/{rank ID}_icon.png.

  1. pip install -r requirements-dev.txt
  2. flask extract-ranks --steamdir="{path to the Steam root directory}"

This command requires the game to be installed.

Extracting maps data

The Flask command flask extract-maps-data is used to extract and save all maps data to a JSON file located at storage/data/maps.json.

flask extract-maps-data --steamdir="{path to the Steam root directory}"

This command requires the game to be installed.

Extracting minimaps

The Flask command flask extract-minimaps is used to extract minimaps (the ones displayed when pressing on TAB). They are saved at static/images/maps/minimap/{map ID}.png and static/images/maps/minimap/{map ID}_thumb.png.

  1. pip install -r requirements-dev.txt
  2. flask extract-minimaps --steamdir="{path to the Steam root directory}"

This command requires the game to be installed.

Clearing cache

flask cc

Clearing old graphs data

Data older than one week old will be deleted.

flask clean-players-count

Computing promotions for all players

flask compute-promotions

Storing actual number of players (for graphs)

Will save the current number of Steam players which have RWR running, and the current number of players playing online.

flask get-players-count

Migrating the database

flask db upgrade

Running the RWRS Discord bot

flask run-discord-bot

Updating the MaxMind GeoLite2 City database

More information in the script comments.

bash scripts/

Updating RWRS

More information in the script comments.

bash scripts/ [TYPE, default=fast, fast|full]

Generating RWRS REST API documentation

More information in the script comments.

bash scripts/

Retrieve and save the players stats in DB

flask save-players-stats [--reset]

Retrieve and save the ranked servers moderators

flask save-ranked-servers-mods

Import rwrtrack data

flask import-rwrtrack-data --directory="{path to the rwrtrack data directory}" [--reset]


You'll find credits and legal mentions here.


If you have suggestions or problems you can submit an issue here on GitHub or head over here.

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