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##Getting Started with Eclipse or ADT Bundle

These steps assume you already have the ADT and the ArcGIS Runtime for Android SDK are already installed.

Step 1: File > Import > Git > Projects from Git > Next

Step 2: Select Repository Source > URI > Next

Step 3: In the Source Git Repository Window paste this in the URI field: https://github.com/Esri/android-gps-test-tool.git

  • Host should be automatically populated to "github.com".
  • The repository path should automatically be populated to "/Esri/android-gps-test-tool.git".
  • The connection type should be set to "https".
  • Select Next

Step 4: Select Import Existing Projects > Next (or Finish). Note: Your git directory will also become the project directory. If you get an error that says project already exists, try editing the .project file and changing the "name" property.

Step 5: Look for any project errors in Eclipse. Most commonly you will need to right click on the project > Android Tools > Fix Project Properties. Then run Project > Clean.