The FRRouting Protocol Suite
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.github .github: add core guidelines to issue template Dec 13, 2018
alpine *: get rid of most daemons.conf references Dec 6, 2018
babeld *: Replace zclient_new with zclient_new_notify Nov 12, 2018
bfdd bfdd: fix multihop on FreeBSD Nov 30, 2018
bgpd *: remove all MIBs for DFSG compliance Dec 14, 2018
debianpkg *: get rid of most daemons.conf references Dec 6, 2018
doc doc: re-add copyright & license note Dec 14, 2018
docker unit tests: support code coverage instrumentation and reports Jul 4, 2018
eigrpd *: remove all MIBs for DFSG compliance Dec 14, 2018
fpm build: disable empty libfrrfpm_pb Dec 13, 2018
gdb bgpd: Convert binfo to path Oct 9, 2018
include include: add netlink.h to our build system Jun 21, 2018
isisd Minor adjustments to address CI warnings Dec 12, 2018
ldpd *: remove the configuration lock from all daemons Nov 26, 2018
lib lib: flip to ISC on hook & module code Dec 14, 2018
m4 *: spelchek Oct 25, 2018
nhrpd *: Replace zclient_new with zclient_new_notify Nov 12, 2018
ospf6d *: remove all MIBs for DFSG compliance Dec 14, 2018
ospfclient build: make rfptest and ospfclient "noinst" Oct 28, 2018
ospfd *: remove all MIBs for DFSG compliance Dec 14, 2018
pbrd Merge pull request #3402 from pacovn/Coverity_1475198_1475199 Dec 3, 2018
pimd pimd: When we fail to initiate ifchannel backout work done Nov 16, 2018
pkgsrc *: cleanup .gitignore files Sep 8, 2018
ports *: cleanup .gitignore files Sep 8, 2018
python Revert "isisd lib ospfd pbrd python: fix empty init" Dec 1, 2018
qpb *: fix config.h/zebra.h include order Sep 8, 2018
redhat debian/tools: new init script Dec 6, 2018
ripd *: remove all MIBs for DFSG compliance Dec 14, 2018
ripngd build: update vtysh scan list for ripd and ripngd Dec 3, 2018
sharpd sharpd: return check (Coverity 1475198) Dec 3, 2018
snapcraft *: cleanup .gitignore files Sep 8, 2018
solaris *: cleanup .gitignore files Sep 8, 2018
staticd staticd: fix static analysis warnings Dec 7, 2018
tests topotests: Add a basic route leak vrf test Dec 12, 2018
tools tools: update checkpatch to stop suggesting the use of kstrto() Dec 9, 2018
vtysh vtysh: rework/straighten pager handling Dec 6, 2018
watchfrr watchfrr: add status command Dec 6, 2018
yang Merge pull request #3399 from opensourcerouting/ripngd-nb-retrofitting Dec 14, 2018
zebra Merge pull request #3463 from mjstapp/zserv_event Dec 14, 2018
.clang-format lib: introduce new northbound API Oct 27, 2018
.dir-locals.el .dir-locals.el: show trailing whitespace Nov 7, 2017
.dockerignore tests/topotests: Change docker build context Dec 1, 2018
.gitignore frr: ignore libtool.orig Oct 28, 2018
COPYING *: make consistent & update GPLv2 file headers May 15, 2017
COPYING-LGPLv2.1 build: remove LGPL v2.0, add LGPL v2.1 Nov 15, 2016 topotests: Adapt docker changes for integrated tests Nov 29, 2018 frr: improve README Sep 10, 2018 autoreconf -i Feb 6, 2007 config: switch a few references to say FRR Jul 12, 2017 build: carry --with-pkg-extra-version into tarballs Oct 24, 2018 Merge pull request #3434 from opensourcerouting/init-new Dec 9, 2018
defaults.h *: reindent Jul 17, 2017 Initial revision Dec 13, 2002


FRR is free software that implements and manages various IPv4 and IPv6 routing protocols. It runs on nearly all distributions of Linux and BSD as well as Solaris and supports all modern CPU architectures.

FRR currently supports the following protocols:

  • BGP
  • OSPFv2
  • OSPFv3
  • RIPv1
  • RIPv2
  • RIPng
  • IS-IS
  • LDP
  • BFD
  • Babel
  • EIGRP (alpha)
  • NHRP (alpha)

Installation & Use

Packages are available for various distributions on our releases page.

Snaps are also available here.

Instructions on building and installing from source for supported platforms may be found here.

Once installed, please refer to the user guide for instructions on use.


The FRRouting email list server is located here and offers the following public lists:

Topic List
Users & Operators

For chat, we currently use Slack. Please email the mailing list to request an invite as we do not issue automatic invites.


FRR maintains developer's documentation which contains the project workflow and expectations for contributors. Some technical documentation on project internals is also available.

We welcome and appreciate all contributions, no matter how small!


To report security issues, please use our security mailing list:

security [at]