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A non-exhaustive list of open source clock faces, applications and modules from the community. Please make a PR request to add yours in the list. The end goal is to provide inspiration and code examples for developers and hopefully give some visibility to your masterpiece.

All repositories are listed in alphabetical order within each category. Please add your clock face, app, game, module or example in the same format as below. Only open source code will be listed here.

Note that Fitbit isn't responsible for the projects listed below.

Clock faces

  • 0b1100 O'Clock by Akos Kiss - A binary clockface.
  • AcidClock by Anton H. - stats-heavy and customizable clock face.
  • Agenda Arc by Matthew Wardrop - See your calendar events for the next ~7 hours rendered on a timeline arc.
  • Analog Multi-Dial Chronometer by Jenson Crawford - a tribute to classic analog multi-dial chronometers.
  • Analog Stats by Paul McCarthy - Analog clock face with stats and customizable colors.
  • AND v1 by Ahsan Nabi Dar - Stats Heavy customizable clock face.
  • AND v2 by Ahsan Nabi Dar - Time focused stats Heavy customizable clock face.
  • Arcular by reverseloop - Simple and clear analog clock face for Ionic and Versa models.
  • BIG TIME by Gondwana Software - A simple SDK5/6 clockface that demonstrates settings (including ImagePicker), file transfer and AOD.
  • Blue Beauty by Attila Varga - Fake animated Planet Earth with night mode. Only for Versa 3.
  • Borderlands by Le-Roux Enslin - A Watchface based on the UI of the PC game Borderlands 2
  • Brick Face by Tshiamo Bhuda - Simple clock face inspired by the classic green/black monochromatic LED screen, all themed in a Brick style (Brick Game)
  • Circles by Chris Merpaw - a stat-heavy and colourful clock face.
  • Classic Clock by Aidan Black - Analog clock face with battery level and optional elements for date, weather, steps, distance, and active zone minutes.
  • CleanFace by gnuchu - Simple clock face with heart rate and date.
  • ClearBeam by Sam - Clear watchface with heartrate-display and four progress-beams for steps, burned calories, elevation and active minutes.
  • Cliff Star by Jon Barlow - Cinematic clock face example for Fitbit OS.
  • Clock64 by Akos Kiss - A C64-inspired clockface.
  • Colorful Face by Mayer Studios - Simple fitbitOS clockface that shows you how to use weather, HR, activity, and background images.
  • Darkface by Jérémie Corpinot - Minimalistic dark clockface with bold/light typography
  • DayBreak by Wu Tingfeng - Fitbit Clock Face for tracking imminent phase of day (e.g. Civil Twilight, Golden Hour, Astronomical Dusk etc.) by calculating sun position timings.
  • Dexcomedy by Elliot Dohm - A clockface for diabetics to see your current blood sugar levels.
  • Die Zeit by Sasha Shpota - A clock face for learners of the German language (written in TypeScript and covered with unit tests).
  • Doge Watch by Tyler Leonhardt - such time. very watchface. wow.
  • Dual by Edin Bajrambasic - based on Fitbit's "Stats" clock face design. Add a clock for different time zone. Fitbit Ionic only.
  • ElegantClock by Allyann @ Baydevelopments - Elegant clockface for Fitbit OS
  • Feels by Jérémie Corpinot - A weather clock face
  • fitbit_C64 by Edward Patel - Retro clock face for Fitbit watch OS
  • FitbitArcs by robro - A simple and circular watch face for Fitbit OS.
  • Fitbit-Clock-Face by J Snow - Fitbit Clock Face
  • fitbit-minimalist-clock-face by Chandan Veerabhadrappa - A minimalistic clock-face for the new Fitbit Ionic.
  • fitbit-mountain-face by Volkan Tokmak - A beautiful dark and simple clock face with a mountain view and beautiful font. This simple clock face also has heart rate and battery information.
  • FlashRing by Sam - Watchface with big clock, localised date and display of the current heartrate, steps, burned calories, elevation gain and active minutes.
  • Focus by Vasyl Martyniuk - Fitbit Clock Face that reminds you to stay focus on your goal for defined period of time. It is stats heavy, simple and comes with settings page where you can configure the Clock Face's behavior.
  • ForecastTime by Chris Spooner - A weather only version of Kearsarge Time. It includes two subscreens for the day's stats and 3 day forecast using Grégoire's weather api.
  • Gauges by Aidan Black - Analog clock with date/time, battery, heart rate, steps, distance, active zone minutes, weather and sunset/sunrise.
  • Goal Rings by Eric Blohm - Stats-heavy with rings to show progress towards each activity goal. For Fitbit Versa
  • Intermittent Fasting Clockface by Uri Goren - A simple clockface for intermittent fasters.
  • Kearsarge-Time by Chris Spooner - A Watchface for Ionic and Versa that shows the current period and time remaining for Kearsarge High School. It includes two subscreens for the day's stats and the day's schedule. Code is written to be easily adapted for other schedules by editing Schedule.js. When not in school it now shows the weather and 3 day forecast using Grégoire's weather api.
  • Luxury Clean by Ty Daniel Smith - A simplistic yet classic design, similar to that featured on timeless luxury watches.
  • Medical Professional by mmk0083 - Simple analog clock for easily taking vitals. Tap the device screen to lock the screen on. Tap again to restore auto-off. Also includes a night-mode that shifts color during specified hours.
  • Metrix by Jérémie Corpinot - A metrics clock face
  • Minimal Design by Nicolò Rebaioli - Minimal watch face for Fitbit Versa family.
  • Minimalist Clock Face by Lukas Panni - A very simple clock face
  • Minimalistic Digital by Tarun Gowda - A clock face with minimalistic look and various customizations.
  • MinimalistStats by Lukas Panni - Minimalist design combined with activity stats.
  • Mock Hermes Watch by sakebook - Fitbit Clock Face like a Apple Watch Hermès
  • Modern Cold Park by Chris Merpaw - simple clock face with a rainy and cold feel to it.
  • Moment by Ram - Fitbit ClockFace showing live count of seconds lived so far - to inspire 'living in moment'.
  • MStyleDigital by Mihai Babusca - Simple digital watchface (uses basic UI elements: image, label, rect).
  • MyDyslexic2Clocks By Jérémy Jeanson - A really simple clock for Fitbit OS with 2 hours. You can select the seconde clock time zone from settings. It use a font designed to make life easier for dyslexic people.
  • MyDyslexicAircraft By Jérémy Jeanson - A fun and inclusive clock (work made for color blind, low vision and dyslexic). It use a font designed to make life easier for dyslexic people. It include digital and analog clock, stats, cycle views.
  • MyDyslexicArcs By Jérémy Jeanson - A fun and inclusive clock (work made for color blind, low vision and dyslexic). It use a font designed to make life easier for dyslexic people.
  • MyDyslexicBars By Jérémy Jeanson - A fun and inclusive clock (work made for color blind, low vision and dyslexic). It use a font designed to make life easier for dyslexic people.
  • MyDyslexicBigArcs By Jérémy Jeanson - A really simple and fun clock that use a font designed to make life easier for dyslexic people. It include arcs, counters, cylcle views.
  • MyDyslexicClock By Jérémy Jeanson - A really simple and fun clock that use a font designed to make life easier for dyslexic people.
  • MyDyslexicStatsArc By Jérémy Jeanson - A really simple and fun clock that use a font designed to make life easier for dyslexic people. It include arcs to show your daily activity.
  • MyDyslexicStatsSteps By Jérémy Jeanson - A really simple and fun clock that use a font designed to make life easier for dyslexic people. It include counters and cylcle views.
  • Overview by Chris Blyth - A stats heavy face inclusing on wrist detection and lots of customisable options.
  • PomodoroClock by John Liu - A Clockface that has a integrated Pomodoro timer, for you to Pomodoro anything at anytime.
  • Poupinounours' Clock by François-Xavier Mauricard - Customized Fitbit OS Clock Face compatible with Fitbit Ionic and Fitbit Versa.
  • Progress Pride by Brendan Hawk - An LGBTQIA+ Pride themed and stats-heavy watchface for fitbit Sense and Versa 3
  • Readable Clock by Doug Waldron - A clock face designed for legibility with large font sizes.
  • Really Basic by Giampaolo Frello - Really basic clockface with lots of comments to be able to understand the minimum components needed to build a digital clockface
  • Reading Watch Face by Volkan Tokmak - A simple and beautiful digital clock face with battery information, heart rate, steps count and current day of the month on a reading girl with cat background. Book lovers will definitely like this watch face.
  • Retro Pixel Pet by Sarah Bass - An animated watch that shows a simulated pixel pet which evolves based on steps. It senses Jumping Jacks to give pet health.
  • Rickroll by Sachin Agrawal - A simple clockface that shows a Rickroll GIF along with a few statistics.
  • RoksbotTime by Chris Spooner - A very basic image based watchface for FIRST Robotics Team 1247; Roksbot!
  • Roni by Chris Perko - Basic digital watchface that includes example of color settings on the companion, and touch to toggle between heartrate and step count.
  • Schmancy by Terry Yuen - Analog watchface with customizable background image
  • Season Star Watch by Sarah Bass- Animated, Stats Heavy, daily & hourly events.
  • Sleek & Modern by Mayer Studios - Analog clockface with activity rings, weather, settings, and more.
  • Snowflake by Mihai Babusca - Digital animated watchface simulating a snowing effect * Springtime by Rhonda Hill - A simple springtime themed digital watchface for Fitbit OS. Compatible with Fitbit Versa & Fitbit Ionic.
  • StripesTime by Chris Spooner - A automotive themed watchface with tach representing relative heart rate.
  • sudoVersa by PiSaucer - Terminal Style Clockface your Versa for you Linux users or whoever wants to feel like they Versa can hack.
  • Terminal by JD Hartley - Fitbit clock face styled to match a terminal session in a Unix environment.
  • TH3 by Terry Yuen - Simple analog watchface with pill shaped hands for readability
  • Tracks by Aidan Black - Analog clock face inspired by classic modern railway clocks. Options for stats and weather, dark mode.
  • Vedanta principles by Millan Kaul - Get a daily motivational quote with time, day, date; without using internet.
  • Virtual Pet Shiba by Sarah Bass - Clock shows virtual shiba that changes its mood based on steps. Monthly changing background. Changes animations every 10 minutes.
  • WeatherNerd by Alessandro Amé - Minutly / hourly forecast oriented analog watchface.


  • Air Quality by Edin Bajrambasic - See air quality reports from 10k monitoring stations around the world.
  • Authenticator by Laura Barber - Receive two-factor authentication codes on your Fitbit Versa!
  • Bail Out! by Mark Smith - Press a button on your Ionic and have your phone ring (to get out of bad dates)! A silly Ionic app with a companion app and the Nexmo Voice API. There's also a blog post explaining how it works.
  • Barcodes by Terry Yuen - Store barcodes on the Ionic for convenient access
  • Flashlight by Chris Spooner - A basic flashlight for Fitbit Ionic
  • Geolocator by Sergio Morchón Poveda - Fitbit GPS based app to store locations and orientate yourself
  • GetThere by Pavel Risenberg, Maksim Asichka - Get There lets you check driving time to your favorite destinations with respect to current traffic conditions using Google and Bing Maps API. Note, Google and Microsoft API terms of services should be acknoledged for any public use.
  • Habitica by Taylor Ramzel - An app that leverages the Habitica API to update your tasks from your Fitbit.
  • KP-Sales by COSS - Fitbit Ionic app for tracking your KPay sales combined with a fancy clock.
  • Knit Counter by Zane Duffield - An app for tracking repeat increments in knitting patterns.
  • Lightest by Alice Fernandes - A flashlight app for fitbit versa 3 and sense
  • Map by Terry Yuen - Shows a panable and zoomable map of your current location using the HERE platform
  • Pet Hamster by Sachin Agrawal - A relatively simple app to watch a hamster run in his cage with a few features.
  • Pomodoro by John Liu - The Pomodoro timer. This is an app version of the PomodoroClock, which only has basic functions.
  • RPN Calculator by Dan Tilden - An RPN calculator for Fitbit!
  • Run Goal by Ken Caron - Displays your weekly running activity. Mildly typescript enhanced, uses Web API, settings, refreshes your access tokens, leverages the File Transfer API for communication.
  • RVRZ by Lukas Panni - Simple reversed analog clock.
  • Schedule by Eana Hufwe — A schedule/agenda viewer for Fitbit OS 2. Supports Google Calendar and planning to add more.
  • Send Message by Peter Summers - An HTTP/HTTPS client supporting GET and POST requests.
  • SUP by Patrick Federi - Log your Stand Up Paddling activities with a lot of ideas in the pipeline. Help appreciated. The application uses the Exercise API added in Fitbit OS 3.0
  • Timer by Terry Yuen - One swipe set-and-start egg timer app with minutes granularity
  • Todo by Saskia Keil - View and check off your microsoft todo tasks from your watch
  • Tuskla by Rémy Grandin - Remote control your Tesla from your Fitbit
  • Water Logged by Tyler Leonhardt - Log your water consumption at your wrist on your Fitbit Ionic!
  • WeatherCast by Chris Spooner - A Weather and forcast app using scrollview and a modified version of Grégoire Sage's weather API
  • Week Number by Ian Savchenko - A small app that shows you current and past/upcoming ISO week number. Has touch gestures handling and animations.
  • Wikipedia by Saskia Keil - An app to display wikipedia articles about places around your current location.
  • Yoga by Ram Dayal Vaishnav - 15 minutes Pranayam package for healthier you.
  • TweetFit by Qichuan ZHANG - A Twitter client app for Fitbit OS


  • Jacadi by Grégoire Sage - Jacadi game for Fitbit Ionic
  • Morse Code Game by Sarah Bass - Learning game for Fitbit Versa 3
  • Virtual-Pet-APP by Sarah Bass - Virtual Pet Game for Fitbit Versa 3, Versa 2, Versa, Sense


  • Color Picker for Fitbit OS by Maxim - Color picker component wrapped in a watch face for Fitbit devices.
  • Fitbit ASAP by David Jones - Send peer messages without worrying about connection state.
  • Fitbit ASAP Types by Jérémy Jeanson - Include types definitions to use "Fitbit ASAP" with TypeScript.
  • Fitbit Google Analytics by David Jones - Integrate Google Analytics with just a few lines of code.
  • Fitbit Logger by Jiří Richter - Replacement for console.log. Persist logs to file system or forward them to a remote location.
  • Fitbit Schedule by David Jones - Schedule persistent recurring and non-recurring events.
  • Fitbit SDK Types by Sergio Morchón Poveda - Fitbit TypeScript definitions for your projects.
  • Fitbit Settings Commons by Bing Ren - A wrapper to make using Settings storage API easier. Also supports Typescript.
  • Fitbit Sim Starter by Bing Ren - Launches Fitbit Simulator on Linux with one command. Requires npm and docker.
  • Fitbit Views by Sergio Morchón Poveda - Small library to have a multi-view application.
  • Fitfont Types by Jérémy Jeanson - Include type definitions to use Fitfont with TypeScript.
  • Font Metrics module for Fitbit OS by James Bernsen - Measures pixel width of text elements
  • Ionic Views by Vlad Balin - microframework with an implementation of the view/subview pattern in BackboneJS style.
  • K·pay merchant API module by Kristof Verpoorten - module to retrieve your sales data using the K·pay merchant API.
  • MeterWidget by Peter Magnusson - Some simple round meters using arcs and grayscale magic with js helpers.
  • Realistic HRM animation by Kristof Verpoorten - Shows an HR animation in the same frequency as the user's heartrate when the display is on. Disables the animation and icon when the watch is taken off.
  • Simple Fitbit Activities by Jérémy Jeanson - Module to simplify access and calculations of activities inside Fitbit OS applications. Make activities values more generic to use them in your functions. It includes type definitions to use with TypeScript (Fitbit SDK 4.2 and 5).
  • Simple Fitbit settings by Jérémy Jeanson - Module to simplify management of settings inside Fitbit OS applications (sockets, storage and default settings). It include type definitions to use with TypeScript.
  • Weather module for Fitbit OS by Grégoire Sage - Weather module for Fitbit OS.
  • Weather module for Fitbit OS (types) by Jérémy Jeanson - Include type defintions to use "Weather module for Fitbit OS" with TypeScript.


  • Accelerometer Fetcher by Gondwana Software - demonstrates how to collect, store and send sensor data to a server for download.
  • Altimeter by Team Fitbit - Fitbit SDK example application which simulates an altimeter using the Barometer sensor.
  • Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) by Thomas Sarlandie - Fitbit SDK example application which downloads real-time BART data and show upcoming trains for a station of your choice.
  • Communications Demo by Sam Machin - Example app for the Fitbit Ionic showing Messaging and Fetch to a basic WebAPI.
  • fitbit-color-themes by BarbWire - Example for integrating color-themes.
  • Haptics Demo by Adi Roiban - Feel the availalbe vibration patterns in Fitbit OS.
  • HR Meter by Team Fitbit - Fitbit SDK example application which displays readings from the Heart Rate sensor.
  • IFTTT Web Service Demo by Jon Barlow - Fitbit SDK example which demonstrates how to call a web service (REST API) using fetch().
  • LCD Clock Face by Jon Barlow - Fitbit SDK example application which looks like a retro LCD digital clock.
  • [Basic messaging (Device-Companion)] ( by Santiago Ortiz - Communication template. Basic structure.
  • Messaging Probe by Adi Roiban - A ping tool. Send messages from your device and observe how they are received on the companion and then back to the device.
  • SDK OAuth by Jon Barlow - A sample application which uses the Settings API OAuth component, and the Fitbit Web API to query sleep data.
  • Settings with File transfer by Kristof Verpoorten - Very simple example showing how to use the file transfer API for settings. As an added bonus settings are also stored on the watch and loaded from filesystem again on each app start.
  • Using Jest for testing app code by Itamar Hassin - Shows the required includes and some trickery to get tests running in your local env and stay compatible with Studio's way of doing things.
  • Webconfig Demo by David Jones - Opens a new web view from the settings view, collects input from the user, and then returns the input to the settings view.


  • Android Fitbit Fetcher by Gondwana Software - demonstrates how to receive data from a Fitbit app and make it available for download.
  • File Saver by Gondwana Software - A Python server that saves files sent from a Fitbit OS app. A Fitbit app that sends accelerometer data is included.
  • Fitbit SDK5 Converter by StarWatchfaces - A simple tool to convert your SDK4 project to SDK5
  • Fitbit Sim App File Finder by Gondwana Software - A Windows cmd (.bat) file that shows you where your clockface/app files are stored on the Fitbit OS simulator.
  • Stream Bridge by Gondwana Software - a demonstration of sending real-time data (eg, accelerometer) between Fitbit OS and a LAN client via a Python server.


  • curved-text-widget by Gondwana & BarbWire - A widget to use built-in fonts for curving multiple texts


A non-exhaustive list of open sourced clock faces, applications and modules from the community.







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