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Donate Bitcoin to 1JxrwJZgV9qBeEPH7BDF9qLJPSDcp6fqxz to help us pay for hosting and domain names.


For instructions on how to compile the game please read the compile guide.

GlPortal is an Open Source sci-fi first person puzzle-platformer with realistic physic simulation. It runs on all modern operating systems including GNU/Linux, Mac and Windows. You can find the website at .

Chat with us at in the channel #glportal.

GlPortal is powered by RadixEngine:

Powered by RadixEngine


GlPortal is based on a project by Simon Larsen, which was created in 2012.

The Team

Henry Hirsch, Julian Thijssen, Dorian Wouters, Geert Custers and Jason Pulkkinen

More Info

Join the team

Chat with us at in the channel #glportal for questions and discussions about the development of the game. Please report your issues and suggestions in the github bug tracker.


Support Henry through patreon or liberapay.