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The master branch is in refactoring atm. if you need a stable client please use the stable branch. The stable branch does not have a lot of playable maps. So if you want to compile it for playing you have to create your own maps. A basic playable version can be found on moddb.

GlPortal is an Open Source sci-fi fps puzzle-platformer with realistic physic simulation. It runs on all modern operating systems including GNU/Linux, Mac and Windows. You can find the website at http://glportal.de .

Chat with us at irc.freenode.org in the channel #glportal.

GlPortal is powered by RadixEngine:

Powered by RadixEngine


GlPortal is based on a project by Simon Larsen in 2012.


Henry Hirsch, Julian Thijssen, Dorian Wouters, Juraj Oravec, Jason Pulkkinen More Info

Compile the source

For instructions on how to compile the game please read this.

Join the team

Chat with us at irc.freenode.org in the channel #glportal for questions and discussions about the development of the game. Report Issues to http://bugs.glportal.de .

Feel free to send us a pull request or issue on github if you have any changes/suggestions.