A vegetable-themed puzzle game made in Cordova.
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Crop Drop


Crop Drop is a Cordova-based puzzle game. It runs natively on Android and some browsers (see compatibility below).


Crop Drop's source code is licensed with the GNU GPLv3. All media assets are licensed with the CC BY-SA 4.0 license, with the exception of the following:


The following JavaScript files need to be added to the "lib" directory:

Additionally, Cordova is required to build the project to a native mobile app, and the following plugins are used:

If running the game natively in your computer's browser, Cordova and these plugins aren't needed, but not all features may not be fully functional.

The Cordova project files are not included in this repository, but creating a new project, including the above plugins, and putting the contents of this repo in the www path should get the job done.


Crop Drop for Android was confirmed to work on Android OS versions 4, 6, and 7, on Samsung, Motorola, LG, and Google phones. It should run on almost all browsers with some quirks. Confirmed browsers:

  • Firefox (tested on Windows 8.1; browser v53): A-OK.
  • Chrome (tested on Windows 8.1, browser v57): minor graphical quirks; major quirks when built from Cordova instead of just grabbing things from the www folder, using the browser zoom function is recommended.
  • Chrome Mobile (tested on Android OS 6, v55): A-OK.
  • Chrome Mobile (tested on iOS): minor graphical quirks
  • Safari Mobile (tested on iOS): minor graphical quirks
  • Waterfox Mobile (tested on Android): minor graphical quirks
  • Firefox Mobile (tested on Android OS 6, v53): Completely unplayable.


I developed Amicom, a virtual pet, and I found myself playing and enjoying one of the mini-games in it more than the rest of the game, so I decided to just branch that out into a more fleshed out project of its own.

want to make changes?

The game isn't even done yet hold your horses yo. Right now if you see something blatantly wrong feel free to make a pull request or let me know or whatever. Please use the Apache 2.0 License for all contributions. There is no guarantee that changes made to this project, even if put in the main branch, will be included in release versions of the game or ports of the game to other systems.