Mods I've created for ModAPI for TheForest
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Hellsing Updated to lastest ModAPI version
Also started working on integrating my custom spawn mod into this mod,
might be releasing it, might be not, who knows.
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Mods I've created for ModAPI for TheForest

BlockFocusAttack (Post)

Blocks attacking when the game is out of focus and you focus it again with a left click. This is only usefull when you have two monitors and play the game on windowed mode.

SkipPlaneCrash (Post)

This mod will automatically skip the plane crash for you, just like when you press Spacebar in the intro.

GriefClientPro (Grief/Cheat Mod)

This mod is not officially released for the simple fact that the ModAPI forum won't allow this. The pure intention of this mod is to destroy servers in multiplayer and take the fun from others. While you can also be the good cheater and finish buildings even in multiplayer with just one click, you can be the total opposite and destroy every building on the server with the ease of a simple key press (F7 by default). This mod also totally replaces CheatMenu, which means it has all of it's features plus a whole lot more.