basic scanning tool, currently for use on cpanel servers along with the lw-yara rules
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Blazescan is a malware scanning tool, currently configured for Cpanel servers. there has been a dearth of updated scanners recently, and updating them would be the best long term solution, but until then, or if they do not get updated, we will have this.


git clone
cd blazescan


simply start with


Blazescan is a malware scanning tool that uses clamav and custom malware databases

If you run blazescan without any arguments it will present a simple scanning menu

  -a will scan all cpanel accounts

  -u will scan the specified cpanel user

  -l will show the results of the last scan

  -t will display ctime of the hits in the last scan

  -d scan a directory of your choosing

  -h will display the help menu

By default the scanner will use the rules at

It will also use the maldet rules if installed


runs using clamav as the scanning engine, will need to be installed and at least version 98+ to function properly.


Malware signatures update automatically.

To update the scanner to the latest version either reclone and run the install script again, or if you have the repo still locally, run:

git pull

This will pull any changes from the git repo and apply them to your install.