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Automate batch edits to your Markdown content. Integrates with static website generators such as Hugo and Gatsby


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Awesome Hugo

A collection of scripts to help you easily manage your Markdown content.

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  • refactor-pages-to-page-bundles
    • Refactor all Markdown page files to page bundles (each page gets a portable, self contained folder with its assets)
    • Convert page bundles (e.g. content/home/hero/ to page files (e.g. content/home/
    • Python script to convert front matter of all pages from TOML to YAML for compatibility with a wider range of Markdown editors
    • Prerequisite: pip install pipenv and pipenv install
    • To use cd YOUR_SITE_FOLDER and python3
    • Refactor Hugo widgets to add headless: true to front matter (assumes YAML front matter, such as by running above Python script to convert all front matter from TOML to YAML)


Please make a full backup of your site and Markdown content prior to running any scripts.

These scripts are provided by the community in the hope that they might aid updating and managing large collections of Markdown content. Before running a script, you should review its code and adapt it as necessary for your content.

Windows users may need to install the Windows Linux Subsystem in order to run Bash scripts.