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A utility to automate the installation, maintenance, and debugging of Asterisk/DAHDI, while integrating additional patches to provide the richest telephony experience


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A utility to automate the installation, maintenance, and debugging of Asterisk/DAHDI, while integrating additional patches to provide the richest telephony experience.

PhreakScript installs:

  • Asterisk 21.2.0 (latest standard release[1] of Asterisk)
  • DAHDI Linux 3.3.0 (with optional DAHDI install flag)
  • DAHDI Tools 3.3.0 (with optional DAHDI install flag)
  • wanpipe 7.0.38 (with optional wanpipe install flag)
  • many additional features and stability improvements
    • Restores the "great purge" of DAHDI drivers that were removed in 2018 by Sangoma
    • DAHDI/wanpipe/LibPRI compilation fixes
    • Native coin detection and blue boxing support
    • Class 4 and Class 5 coin trunk support
    • Real time dial pulsing support
    • "Hearpulsing" patches
    • Automatic dialplan context to digit map generation
    • Broadworks compatible device feature key synchronization (PJSIP)
    • Broadworks compatible Shared Call Appearances (PJSIP)
    • Presence publishing (PJSIP)
    • Message Send Protocol send support
    • AGI RECORD FILE option to require noise before silence detection
    • Optional build enhancements
      • chan_sccp (improved community Skinny/SCCP channel driver), with compilation fixes
      • Cisco Call Manager support for chan_sip
      • Restored and enhanced chan_sip for master / versions 21+ (removed by Sangoma)
    • Adds the following applications:
      • Assert
      • ReturnIf
      • SendMail
      • MallocTrim
      • PartialPlayback
      • LoopPlayback
      • RandomPlayback
      • SayTelephoneNumber
      • Audichron
      • FeatureProcess
      • SelectiveFeature
      • RemoteAccess
      • George
      • RequestCallback
      • CancelCallback
      • ScheduleWakeupCall
      • HandleWakeupCall
      • CCSA
      • PreDial
      • SetMWI
      • PlayDigits
      • StreamSilence
      • RevertivePulse
      • SendFrame
      • WaitForFrame
      • Signal
      • WaitForSignal
      • WaitForDeposit
      • CoinDisposition
      • LocalCoinDisposition
      • CoinCall
      • ACTS
      • SendCWCID
      • DAHDIMonitor
      • DialSpeedTest
      • LoopDisconnect
      • ToneSweep
      • DialTone
      • InbandDial
      • Verify
      • OutVerify
      • KeyPrefetch
      • PhreakNetDial
      • SIPAddParameter
      • IRCSendMessage
      • Softmodem (third-party, with compiler fixes and enhancements, including TDD modem)
      • TddRx, TddTx (third-party)
    • Adds the following functions:
      • DTMF_FLASH
      • DTMF_TRACE
      • NUM2DEVICE
      • TEXT_QUERY
      • COIN_EIS
      • DB_CHANNEL
      • DB_MAXKEY
      • DB_MINKEY
      • DB_UNIQUE
      • NANPA
      • GROUP_VAR (third-party)
      • GROUP_MATCH_LIST_START (third-party)
    • Miscellaneous improvements
      • Enhances performance by completely removing Newexten AMI event
      • Adds fax timing and parameter control to chan_sip
      • Adds prefix capabilities to include =>
      • Fixes ulaw/gsm codec translation bug

PhreakScript is also useful for:

  • automating installation and maintenance of Asterisk, Asterisk Test Suite, Asterisk Test Framework, DAHDI Linux, DAHDI Tools, and related resources
  • validating Asterisk configuration
    • can find common syntax errors in dialplan code
    • can find missing audio files referenced by the Playback, BackGround, and Read applications
    • suggests optimizations that can be made to dialplan code to make it more readable and efficient
  • generating Asterisk user documentation
  • debugging Asterisk configuration
  • generating core dumps
  • automating PhreakNet boilerplate dialplan installation

[1] Normally, PhreakScript installs the latest LTS version of Asterisk. However, version 21 will be installed by default until version 22 is released, due to the significant change in functionality from version 20 which allows for a richer installation by default. To install the latest LTS version (20), you can specify the version explicitly e.g. --version=20.5.0. However, there should not be a need to do so unless you are using obsolete modules that were removed in Asterisk 21.


Please refer to the Docs:

In a nutshell, run:


cd /usr/local/src && wget && chmod +x && ./ make


pkg install -y wget && cd /usr/local/src && wget && chmod +x && ./ make

Then, you can use PhreakScript. Run phreaknet help or phreaknet examples to get started.

For a basic install, you can run phreaknet install

To install with DAHDI, run phreaknet install --dahdi (add --drivers to also restore drivers that were removed upstream in DAHDI 3).

For a guided, interactive installation, you can also run phreaknet wizard. The wizard will determine what installation options are best for you, based on your preferences.

PhreakScript must be run as root, even if Asterisk does not run as root.

PhreakScript is primarily supported on Debian-based Linux systems. Support has also been added for FreeBSD. Pull requests to add support for other Linux distros or BSD are welcome.


PhreakScript itself is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License. This includes any scripts in this repository.

However, any Asterisk modules ("C" code) in this repository (such as those that may be installed by PhreakScript) are licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 2 (GPLv2), per the Asterisk licensing terms.

If you have copyright or licensing doubts, please refer to any copyrights and licensing terms in individual source files.


Please refer to the PhreakNet Asterisk documentation for PhreakScript-specific module documentation:

Change Log

Please run phreaknet about

Reporting Issues

The preferred issue reporting procedure is by cutting us a ticket at InterLinked Issues:

Choose "PhreakScript" as the category.

Pull Requests

Please see "Contributing to PhreakScript" in the Docs:


A utility to automate the installation, maintenance, and debugging of Asterisk/DAHDI, while integrating additional patches to provide the richest telephony experience