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Awesome Islandora Awesome


A curated list of great modules and other tools for Islandora Legacy (formerly known as 7.x) that are not included in the core release. Inspired by the awesome list.

For Islandora 2.0 (formerly Islandora 8) modules, see the Islandora Cookbook.

These community modules are mostly functional or well on their way. They add useful features and new tools to supplement core Islandora functionality. We offer this list for discovery, but do not officially provide support for any of these modules. Their maintainers may offer support - check the READMEs.

Table of Contents


If you would like to contribute to this list, please check out

Please ensure your pull request adheres to the following guidelines:

  • Use the following format:
    • [Module Name](link) (Status: Stable or In Development) - Brief Description of what the module does
  • Make an individual pull request for each new item.
  • Link additions should be inserted alphabetically to the relavant category
  • New categories or improvements to the existing categorization are welcome.
  • Check your spelling and grammar.
  • The pull request and commit should have a useful title.


Having problems or solved a problem? Check out the Islandora google groups for a solution.


Current maintainers:



To the extent possible under law, the owner has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.

The Islandora 7.x-1.x List

Solution Packs

  • Islandora 3D Solution Pack (Stable) - Islandora solution pack for 3D objects. Assumes a compound object with at least a COLLADA (DAE) file as a child and any texture image files as children. Uses the three.js javascript library.
  • Islandora Binary Solution Pack (Stable) - Adds all required Fedora objects to allow users to ingest supplemental files through the Islandora interface. Used best in conjunction with the Islandora Compound Solution Pack.
  • Islandora Database Solution Pack (Stable) - Allows a user to ingest database dumps (.SQL files) as Islandora objects that are then spun up into live, browsable (read-only) database instances using Docker and Adminer.
  • Islandora Document Solution Pack (Stable) - Provides a collection and a content model for users’ documents. Documents are converted to the pdf format to display them. This solution pack needs OpenOffice running as a service and also the JODCoverter library installed.
  • Islandora EAD Solution Pack (Stable) - Provides functionality for ingestion and management of EADs.
  • Islandora Manuscript Solution Pack (Stable) - Allows users to create and view Manuscripts. Including the upload of TEI and XSLT and CSS documents. Users will be able to view transformed manuscript TEI (via the upload XSLT) side by side with the image(s) of the manuscript (via the Open Seadragon viewer). Users will also be able to browse Manuscripts via Box / Folder hierarchies as defined by their record in an associated finding aid.
  • Islandora Ontologies Solution Pack (Stable) - Allows users to use OWL Ontologies to relate their objects using LoD best practices. Includes simple rules based reasoning, smart Graph traversal and caching over SPARQL plus a Graph Visualization library.
  • Islandora Plain Text and HTML Solution Pack (Stable) - Islandora solution pack for plain text and HTML objects. Uses the Drupal HTML filter to filter HTML content for display.
  • Islandora Oral Histories Solution Pack (Stable) - Allows users to create and view audio and/or video oral histories with transcripts.
  • Islandora Remote Media Solution Pack (Stable) - Create and manage Islandora representations for remotely-hosted objects. Remote Media objects are embed code for any externally-hosted object, including videos from Youtube or Kaltura, audio from Soundcloud, and books from the Internet Archive.
  • Islandora Serials Solution Pack (Stable) - Adds all required Fedora objects to allow users to model, ingest and view objects modelled as serials within the Islandora interface.
  • Islandora Streaming Media Solution Pack (Stable) - Create and manage Islandora objects representing streaming resources.
  • Islandora XML Solution Pack (Stable) - An Islandora Solution Pack that allows for ingesting and viewing arbitrary types of XML files. Support viewers and includes a custom batch loader.
  • Islandora Archivesspace Integration (In development) - An Islandora Solution pack that creates an integration with Archivesspace. Metadata for items stored in Archivesspace comes from Archivesspace, and the binary item is stored in Islandora.

Utility Modules

  • DGI Batch Queue ID Fixer (Stable) - Fixes an issue where batches triggered within an already existing batch set can lead to unexpected behavior as the IDs in the DrupalQueue are not unique.
  • Islandora Authority (Stable) - This module adds two Drupal form API elements and a menu path used for autocompletion on one of them.
  • Islandora Batch with Derivs (Stable) - Specialized batch ingest module that ingests objects with prederived datastreams.
  • Islandora Block Options (Stable) - Adds additional placement options to all blocks for Islandora options that are similar to the content type options for nodes. Adds the ability to limit blocks visibility based on the cmodel being viewed.
  • Islandora Blocks (Stable) - Exposes several supplementary blocks that complement/replace some of the core functionality that currently lives in templates within Islandora core.
  • Islandora Checksum Audit (Stable) - Displays a summary of checksum validation events from an Islandora object's Audit datastream.
  • Islandora Compound Batch (In Development) - Adds the ability to batch ingest compound objects. Currently supports compound objects that are one level deep (e.g., post cards).
  • Islandora Conditional Access Rights (Stable) - define the access and access rights, including ability to download datastreams, of an object conditionally, based on IP range, user role or metadata (of the object or its parents).
  • Islandora Context (Stable) - Provides a set of Context "conditions" and "reactions" for Islandora objects. Think of this module as an "if-this-then-that" configurator for Islandora repositories.
  • Islandora Creative Commons (Stable) - An Islandora Badges plug-in that generates a CreativeCommons badge if a license is present in the object's metadata.
  • Islandora Datastream CRUD (Stable) - Islandora Drush module for performing Create, Read, Update, and Delete operations on datastreams.
  • Islandora Datastreams Input/Output/Transform/Copy, and Object Relationships (In Development) - This module allows datastreams for a set of objects to be exported as a ZIP, imported from ZIP, transformed or copied. Also, object relationships can be added/removed.
  • Islandora Datastream Filenamer (Stable) - uses the Drupal tokens to create downloaded datastream filenames based on tokens from the datastream.
  • Islandora Datastream Replace (Stable) - Islandora Drush module for replacing datastreams in Fedora objects. Meant to work alongside islandora_datastream_export. For example, pull MODS out of a collection, edit it in something like openrefine, then use islandora_datastream_replace to put the MODS back.
  • Islandora DOI Framework (Stable) - Provides the ability to assign Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) to Islandora objects. Delegates the creation ("minting") and the saving ("persisting") of DOIs to submodules. Currently includes support for minting with DataCite and persisting in MODS.
  • Islandora Dump Datastreams (Stable) - Exports an object and all its datastreams on ingest. Useful for "offline" derivative creation.
  • Islandora Default Thumbs (In Development) - This module allows an administrative user to configure the default thumbnails found in an Islandora site. This functionality is non destructive to an existing objects thumbnail datastream, and will only affect the display layer thumbnails. This includes the Grid view, List view, SOLR Search results and the compound object display naviation block (not JAIL display). Supported for use with SPARQL (Legacy), SPARQL and SOLR display generation.
  • Islandora Digital Workflow (In Development) - Track digitization requests through to digitization, metadata creation / approval, to ingest. This optionally uses "Islandora MARC Utility", "Islandora METS Editor", and "Islandora Digitization Requests". Also uses Views, Taxonomy, and Forena (reporting) modules. Workflow sequences can be customized to require actions as a prerequisite to ingest. Actions can be created / configured to trigger a workflow node stage change which is a Taxonomy vocabulary. Other workflow node taxonomy include "Content Type" of the intended fedora object model for the batch, as well as "Priority" and "Stage" both of which can be customized.
  • Islandora Digitization Requests (In Development) - A very lightweight module that uses Webform forms to indicate which of these are to be considered "Digitization Requests". Works more in conjunction with the "Islandora Digital Workflow". Requires the Drupal Webforms.
  • Islandora Disqus (Stable) - Enables commenting on Islandora objects using the Disqus comment platform. More info
  • Islandora Entity Bridge (Stable) - Provides a simple connector between Islandora/Fedora Entities and Drupal. It is to allow for referencing Islandora Objects (like in Flag, Entity Queue, Entityreference, etc) without bringing in the full weight of an Entity like Node.
  • Islandora ETDMS Download (Stable) - Provides a download link for Thesis and Citation objects in OAI-PMH requests using the oai_etdms metadataPrefix. This functionality is required by Library and Archives Canada for harvesting theses from IRs.
  • Islandora Exhibits Browse (In Development) - creates exhibits browse pages and blocks from metadata indexed in Solr. Can be used to create multimedia timelines or slideshows.
  • Islandora Find & Replace (Stable) Allows for simple find & replace of text in datastreams via an admin form. If Islandora Pretty Text Diff is enabled, previews of the find & replace can be viewed before submitting the find & replace operation. A log captures the datastream versions to show a diff after the update is complete. More info.
  • Islandora Generate/Regenrate Collection Datastreams (Stable) - Allows mass regeneration of selected derivatives for selected content models, as well mass regeneration of the DC metadata for selected content models within a collection.
  • Islandora GSearcher (Stable) - Sends created and edited objects to be indexed via the Fedora Generic Search Service on page exit, removing the need for ActiveMQ between Fedora and GSearch.
  • Islandora Handsontable (In Development) Handsontable is a Javascript extension that provides an Excel-like interface (grid) within the web browser. This extension integrates handsontable with Islandora XML forms.
  • Islandora Job (Stable) - Utilizes Gearman to facilitate asynchronous and parallel processing of Islandora jobs and allows for Drupal modules to register worker functions and routes received messages from the job server to the appropriate worker functions.
  • Islandora Managed Access (Stable) - Allows administrators to place access management policies on Islandora objects requiring unauthorized users to register for a temporary user account in order to view said objects. Also allows administrators to view all users who have registered in this way along with metadata about their accounts.
  • Islandora MARC Utility (In Development) - MARC utilities for parsing MARC mrc or MARCXML (collection) files. This module requires PHP 5.5+ and the pear File/MARC.php library (see module README) to parse MARC collections (MRC or MARCXML) and provides the ability to download, view, and even apply to the matching objects (as specified by the MARC xpath and MODS Solr field to find matching objects to match an identifier value), or "download all", and "apply all".
  • Islandora Metadata Analyzer (In Development) - Allows administrators to analyze MODS or DC metadata for a collection to find inconsistencies by aggregating the metadata for all items in a collection into a format that allows analysis.
  • Islandora Metadata Extras (Stable) - Provides options for customizing metadata display and generation, including replacing dates in yyyy-mm-dd format with human-readable equivalents like "September 24, 1968".
  • Islandora METS Editor (In Development) - Provides a way to create and edit METS files in Islandora. The editor is an online XML editing tool capable of creating a METS file from any paged content (by navigating the paged-content to page object relationships). Uses the Xonomy javascript library to edit the XML with drag 'n drop, right-click menus, previews of the node object's JP2 and thumbnail. Uses djatoka to display each page's JP2.
  • Islandora Multi Importer (In Development) - Allows for ingesting metadata and datastreams from a CSV. Metadata can be transformed to XML from CSV fields using custom Twig templates, and datastreams can be paths to local files or URLs, which allows for ingesting remote content.
  • Islandora Newspaper Calendar Page (Stable) - This module replaces the default newspaper 'View' tab content with a view of a calendar. One year's calendar is shown at a time and the year can be changed from a dropdown list.
  • Islandora Object Clone - (In Development) - Creates a shallow clone of Islandora objects. Clones contain the original object properties and datastreams, but not that object's children.
  • Islandora Object Field (In Development) - Adds a new field type for "Islandora object" that allows users to reference objects on drupal entities.
  • Islandora Object Lock (Stable) - Allows users to lock objects to prevent modifications by other users. It also automatically locks objects when edits are being made to datastreams through the XML Form Builder.
  • Islandora On This Day (Stable) - Generates a gallery of objects with a month and day equal to the current day's. Great way to showcase content in your Islandora repo.
  • Islandora Ontology Autocomplete (Stable) - Provides an ontology autocomplete for XML Forms using EBI's Ontology Lookup Service (OLS). Both the preferred label and the class URI can be added to the XML.
  • Islandora Orphaned Objects (Stable) (Redundant as of 7.x-1.12) - Generates a list of objects whose parents were deleted but are still present and hidden in the repository. Allows admins to view the objects and delete individual or selected objects, or all at once.
  • Islandora Piwik (In Development) - Provides integration with the Piwik Open Analytics Platform.
  • Islandora Plupload (Stable) - Integrates the Plupload library with Islandora file fields to allow for the upload of files greater than limits imposed by PHP.
  • Islandora Pretty Text Diff (Stable) - View "diffs" of text/XML datastream versions. More info
  • Islandora PROAI Stable) - Provides an integration of Fedora's OAI Provider Service 1.2.2 within Islandora.
  • Islandora Relationship Editor (Stable) - With this module, you can add RELS-EXT relationships to an object via the "Manage" tab. You can also add the reciprocal ('symmetric') relationship. Relationships are derived from the ontology file.
  • Islandora REST API (Stable) - An extremely well documented module that provides a number of REST end points for fetching/manipulating objects, datastreams, and object relationships from islandora.
  • Islandora Rightsstatements (Stable) - An Islandora Badges plugin that provides a badge to articulate usage rights, if a Rights Statement URI is present in the object's metadata.
  • Islandora Sample Content Generator (Stable) - Create and load sample image-based content (images, paged content, PDFs) and collections using Drush.
  • Islandora Saved Searches (stable) - Adds the ability to save searches on the Islandora SOLR index provided by the Islandora SOLR module.
  • Islandora Solr Collection View (In Development) - Replaces the browse display provided by Islandora collection objects with a View, providing enhanced customization and performance.
  • Islandora Simple Map (Stable) - Adds a Google or Openstreetmap map to an object's display if the object's MODS datastream contains cartographic coordinates.
  • Islandora Solr Content Type (In Development) - Creates a self-contained collection page based on a dynamic Solr query. Has the ability to search and facet within the collection page (without redirect). Optionally allows the content creator to specify an advanced search query which acts as the base search.
  • Islandora Solr Fact API (In Development) - Completely replaces the default islandora facets with Facet API facets.
  • Islandora Story Map (Stable) - Provides functionality that collects Islandora Objects and produces a map with "Story Pins" layered on top. Story Pins can be clicked to reveal a popup that displays either an Image, Audio clip, or Video with a short description. These Story Pins can be filtered based on custom filtering or by media type. There is also functionality that allows for users to socially share a specific popup and/or current filter.
  • Islandora ThemeKey (Stable) - Provides ThemeKey theme-switching rules for Islandora objects. This module will change your site's theme based on attributes of Islandora objects.
  • Islandora Transcript (Stable) - Allows for viewing the TRANSCRIPT datastream of an object, if it exists, in a tab. The TRANSCRIPT datastream should be a text file. The module will keep the spirit of the formatting of the TRANSCRIPT datastream on rendering.
  • Islandora Social Metatags (Stable) - Adds HTML meta tags to Islandora objects via MODS XPaths to enable Twitter and Facebook image previews. No theme hacking required.
  • Islandora URL Redirector (Stable) - Simplifies migrations by preserving old permalinks. An Islandora migration module that preserves permalinks from objects' previous repositories. When an incoming URL matches a defined pattern, the module looks up an object's old "permanent" URL from an identifier field and redirects the viewer to its new home in Islandora.
  • Islandora Usage Stats Callbacks (stable) - A helper module that works with Islandora Usage Stats to take the data it collects and expose it via URL callbacks.
  • Islandora Video Embed (Stable) - Provides a block that displays on Video objects. Generates copiable HTML5 embed code pointing to the MP4 datastream, allowing users to embed the video on other websites.
  • Islandora Webform (Stable) - A module that allows the use of Drupal webforms to contribute metadata for an Islandora object, with a workflow at the webform or object level for site managers to review and ingest submissions. Useful for allowing public contributions into a moderated workflow.
  • Islandora XML Form Builder States (Unknown) - This module modifies the way forms work to add basic support for the "#states" function inherant in Drupal 7 core. While this module has limitations in support of multiple values on a condition, it does extend basic functionality. This module assumes you know how to use the Islandora XML Form Builder. If you need to learn how to use the Islandora XML Form Builder, please consult the help for that module.


Demo Modules

  • Islandora Porcus (N/A) - Developed for the first Islandora Camp Developer's Track workshop and refined at subsequent camps. On the surface, Porcus is a module that will take text and translate it to pig latin. Check under the hood and you will find a heavily commented training tool that presents the basics of module development for Islandora and provides a handy reference for how the various parts interact. Created For Islandora Camp NY 2013, so some features may be out of date.
  • Islandora Meme Solution Pack (N/A) - Created for Islandora Camp Colorado 2014 in order to provide a framework to learn how to query solr in Islandora.
  • Piggy Back (N/A) - An extension for the Porcus module with additional demonstrations and tools. Created for Islandora Camp CA 2014.
  • Islandora Dev 101 - Not a module containing executable code, but a text for a 2 or more hour workshop on Islandora 7.x-1.x development. Aimed at people who have some expeience developing in PHP but not necessarily experience with Drupal.
  • Islandora Youtube - A novelty module for storing metadata about YouTube videos in Islandora. The OBJ is a redirect (R) datastream containing the YouTube URL, and the object page displays the video in an embedded player (if the video allows embedding).



  • BookPrep (Testing) - A CLI PHP script that will rearrange directories and files from one format to another and also create derivatives to prepare items for a book-type ingest.
  • centos7_base_box(Testing) - creates a similar base box to the islandora_base_box but with a CentOS 7 operating system. Useful for making a Redhat based developement system. Requires a customized islandora_vagrant to pull it in and use it.
  • DGI JAAS Implementations(Stable) - Contains both a thread safety fix for Fedora 3 and a performance enhancement for the islandora_drupal_filter.
  • Gist to clone/pull All of Islandora Repos - Bash/Python Scripts that will either clone or pull updates from all of the Islandora repos (Islandora/Islandora-Labs/CLAW)
  • Islandora Prepare Ingest (Stable) - Prepare Ingest helps you prepare data for ingest into Islandora. You can define a workflow that converts your input data into data that can be ingested into Islandora. Prepare Ingest uses the concept of steps that manipulate the data in a list of items containing key-value pairs.
  • islandora7-rest (Stable) - A Python Requests client library for interacting with DGI's Islandora REST API.
  • Move to Islandora Kit (Stable) - Converts source content files and accompanying metadata into ingest packages used by existing Islandora batch ingest modules.

Integrated | Automated Workflows

  • Automating Ingest for repeat collections - A bash script intended to be a script to run as a cron job to automate repeat publications (like yearbooks, magaine issues) where the metadata only changes minimally.
  • Islandora Drag & Drop Ingest (Stable) - This ingest module provides a methodology for creating a drag-and-drop batch ingest workflow powered by a local Linux-based NAS system integrated with an Islandora ingest server. Ingest status can be visually communicated using Islandora Ingest Indicator, powered by Blink(1) USB LEDs.
  • Whitebread - Simple python scripts for those everyday, mundane Fedora tasks. This script can do the following tasks; Count Matching Objects, Harvest Metadata, download all of a specified datastreams found in all of the object within a specified collection, Update GSearch, Update fgsLabel, Purge All But the Newest Version of a Datastream(cleanup), Check MimeType of the Preservation Object, Find matching objects missing a specific datastream, Download FOXML for matching documents, Find Books that are bad or aren't done processing, Get the History of a Datastream, Get Version of Datastream at a Specfic Date, and Get All Versions of a Datastream.


Custom Views

Views that are useful. To import a single config go to admin/config/development/configuration/single/import and select the Configuration type then paste the view into the text field.

Full Taxonomy List Page with sticky nav

Displays all taxonomy terms in a single list with a nav that takes the visitor to the anchor matching the first letter.


A list of awesome modules for Islandora






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