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Node.js TypeScript Template
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Node.js TypeScript Template

This is a template repo for Node.js projects written in TypeScript. This template works for libraries and/or CLIs.

Step 1: Copy this repo

Create a new git repo and copy the contents of this repo into it.

Step 2: Delete unneeded files

If you don't need a CLI, then:

  • Delete the following files and directories:
    • bin
    • src/cli
    • test/specs/cli.spec.js
    • test/utils/project-cli-name.js
  • Delete the following fields in package.json:
    • bin
    • files.bin
    • devDependencies.chai-exec
    • dependencies.command-line-args

Step 3: Replace placeholders

Replace all occurrences of the following placeholders in all files:

Placeholder Description
project-package-name This is the name of the NPM package. It should also match the GitHub repo name. It should be kebab-cased.
project-cli-name The name of the CLI program for this project, if any.
projectExportName The name of the library's default export, if any. This should be a valid JavaScript identifier name.
Friendly Project Name This is the human friendly name of the project that is used in the ReadMe, descriptions, and docs pages
This is the project description A short, human friendly description of the project that is used in the ReadMe and package.json

Step 4: TODOs

Find all "TODO" notes in the code and follow their instructions.

Step 5: ReadMe

Delete this file and replace it with README_md.

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